hey guys welcome back to my channel i’m

aubrey and if you guys are new here hi

and welcome today’s video i got some

really good goodies i am so excited to

show you i’ve been doing a little bit of

home decor shopping um for our place and

i picked up some really great

pottery some bows a good lamp a couple

good items i really want to show you

guys and i’ve been really trying to buy

things that are going to make a

statement i’ve noticed over the years

that when i buy just a lot of little

decor pieces it’s just it just tends to

look like a lot of clutter and i really

want pieces that are going to like stand

out they’re going to be like oh my gosh

where did you get that from so a lot of

those pieces i’m going to show you guys

today and i really think you are going

to love them before we get started if

you guys watched my how to style and

nightstand video i mentioned a company

called dossier and they were so sweet

enough they actually provided me with a

discount code for all of you guys

um and

i couldn’t be more thrilled they are so

sweet and if you’re not familiar with

dossier they are a perfume company and

they are so affordable they make iconic

scents that are designer quality for

like a fraction of the cost so i keep a

bunch of these in my nightstands i also

have one in my car

that i like to spray as like my little

backup perfume but i love these and

these smell so divine i kid you not you

guys they have a great great sense the

majority of their perfumes are actually

i think all of their perfumes are like


and it’s like free shipping and

free returns for like ever so it’s super

great so if you guys are on the hunt for

some really great affordable perfume and

i mean look at all look at the amount of

perfume that you get for only like 39

that’s insane but they smell so good


so good they smell the vine so if you

guys are on the hunt for some new

perfume or even like a room freshener i

also use it like a couple spritz here

and there to like freshen up my stuff

definitely check them out i’ll link the

discount code down below for you guys

okay the first item i want to show you

guys is from pottery barn if you are

subscribed to my channel or even if

you’re not

go ahead and check out my community post

i share a lot of items

i do a lot of e-designs a lot of just

product that i’ll share like the links

to that i find that i think are a really

great deal and this little beauty i

found on pottery barn when they were

doing their two-day sell event like

maybe a week or so ago

i shared this pot in my community post

and this is from pottery barn it’s

originally 150

and they have it right now on clearance

for fifty dollars forty nine dollars

something like that for those fifty

bucks and you guys look at how beautiful

like look how big this is this is

massive so i picked up this beauty i

have a um pottery barn in salt lake city

so i drove down to that location to pick

this one up they didn’t ship um

to like my house that wasn’t an option

they only had in-store pickup this was

so worth it that’s my receipt this is a


sultan base in white this is a large

double handle and this is a beautiful

beautiful piece i am planning to either

use this on my entryway table or to use

this on my kitchen island

um or my dining table i mean i have so

many places or my glass cabinet either

one i don’t know i haven’t decided yet

but either way this is a beautiful piece

so if you guys are wanting to get

yourself a really beautiful uh vase

definitely check out this one everything

will be linked down below but i love the

double handles and it’s big and it’s

heavy and it’s gorgeous and i could just

see some like really beautiful long stem

roses in here or some long green

stems in here honestly it’s a white vase

you can never go wrong i feel like you

can use it for every season and it’s

just great so this one i’m so proud this

is like such a great purchase it also

comes in a bunch of other sizes as well

so if you don’t like this shape they

also came in like two other shapes but i

really love this one this one was just

like beefy and like

big and i love it so the next pot i want

to show you guys is from my local garden


it’s from a place called sun river

gardens but um i’ve actually seen this

pot sold on anthropology as well so this

is what it looks like this is a 12 and a


inch diameter

this is the smaller size they also have

a larger one i believe it’s like 70

the smaller size was 43 and i saw this

and i absolutely loved it um

it was funny my husband and i were like

cleaning out our garage the other day

and i forgot that i had stuff some

pottery in our like coffee table that’s

covered and so we were like cleaning out

a garage and just kind of getting

everything moved over and um

swept out i was like pulling out was

like the i was like mary poppins but

like with pottery he was like where are

all these faces coming from and i was

like what i forgot i do anyways i

totally forgot about some of the items

that i purchased because i’ve been like

saving them and they’ve just been like

sitting in my garage so anyways this is

one of them and i absolutely love it i

love the beveled edge it’s in the color

antique cream and i just think it’s a

really great piece to have now obviously

this isn’t a pot that you want to plant

in because it doesn’t have a drainage

hole in it but you can still at least

put some fresh flowers and water in it

and then you know just dry it out like

when you’re done

using it but i thought this was a really

great piece


decorate with and i’m so excited i love

this one all right the next item i want

to show you guys are some bowls i picked

these bowls up at a place called grove

collective here in utah um if you guys

are in utah they used to be called utah

furniture deals they now just like

changed their name but um to grove

collective and i can’t find these online

from their store but they have them in

their store and i’m pretty sure i

snatched up every single one i think

they only had a few of them so i snacked

them for me and my sister

but these are their paper mache bowls

this is in the size small and i will


link um some similar paper mache bowls i

found online

this was 30 and i thought that was like

a really great price these are really

great to style with like on an entryway

table maybe with some books some

greenery maybe in front of a mirror

but i love these i’ve also seen a lot of

people on youtube

do this as a diy project so if you guys

are in a diy mood and you want to give

this a shot go ahead um i won’t be doing



i think i’d rather just buy it and it

like looks great and it’s like quality

you know what i mean sometimes like

not all diy projects turn out great um

you know what i mean so anyways this is

a really great bowl this was thirty

dollars for a paper mache bowl and i

also purchased a larger one as well


like i said i have that glass cabinet

that i was talking about and

um has like really big shelves that can

handle a big decor piece so that was a

small this is a large one the large one

was 36

which i was like kind of surprised it’s

all it was i thought i’d be having maybe

like 50 or 60

but for the large this is

36 bucks i know i thought it was a

really really great find i have a plan

for one of these i want to do some um

faux foliage in it maybe with some like

moss over the top i’ll show you guys a

picture of like what i’m thinking and i

may do a diy video out of that for you

for my entryway so we’ll hang tight on

that but i thought this was such a great

vine and they’re so pretty i love the

cream they almost have like a nice

little white wash on them so it just can

really go with like pretty much all of

my decor which is perfect

this lamp again i shared in my community


this is huge it doesn’t even fit in the


but i will show you guys a good photo of

this this lamp i actually purchased from

ruggs usa

and i was shopping on their rugs we did

a collab with them not too long ago

and um when i was shopping online i was

looking at their lighting


and i was like browsing browsing and i

saw this lamp and i was like oh my gosh

that’s like really cute look good with

my stuff

um and it was only 105 and i believe i

shared this in my community posters i’m

telling you you guys if you want some

really great deals definitely check out

my community post i’m like always

posting stuff in there but anyways this

lamp was 105 and i was like what the

heck that is like so cute

well i didn’t realize how large this

lamp is this lamp is massive um and i’m

thrilled about it usually like what my

head the base can you see

like this is insane usually when i um

you know like when you buy lamps online

they usually come smaller than what you

anticipate but this is huge and it’s be

a beauty usually this is like the size

of like a pottery barn lamp like my

white one i have downstairs

and that lamp was like 300 so

and they’re practically and they’re

pretty much like the same size so i

thought this was a really great deal i

love this shade it’s in this really

neutral color almost looks like a burlap

or a linen

and then the base is just this really

nice brown it’s so neutral and versatile

it’s really going to look good in my


living room on a side table so when i

was telling you guys i really have to

get a side table that is going to handle

this beefy lamp it can’t look side table

can’t be tiny

because this lamp is huge it needs to be

a really decent sized

side table so i’m still on the hunt for

that but overall this lamp is beautiful

and i’ll link it down below in case you

guys want to shop

shop it for yourselves

okay the last item i want to show you

guys is this beautiful

hand carved

teak wood

bowl that i picked up for

my coffee table

a little bit of smush in it

from the favorite shape bowl so we’re

sitting there anyways look how beautiful

this wooden

bowl is are you joking look at how

beautiful look at the texture and the


ah it just looks like an antique and i

freaking love it

this was 89 i picked this up at grove


um this is not supposed to be used for

food this is literally just a decorative

item only

let me see what this tag says it says

this item was found in a vintage is


this item is a vintage found object each

piece is truly one of a kind and it

comes with its own history you’ll notice

variations unique markings and small


these attributes accentuate the products

notable beauty and character

they aren’t kidding this bowl is

seriously stunning this bowl was a


pricey it was 89

but when you see the size of it

and the look of it it is stunning so

this is actually gonna go on my coffee


um i saw i had this idea of um

putting like candlesticks in it a bunch

of like a variety of heights of candles

so be like super romantic and like have

a nice ambiance for our coffee table um

or i also had an idea about doing

creating like a moss centerpiece in here

so i don’t know yet but i’ll show you

guys some pictures of what i’m thinking

but overall this was a stunning stunning

piece um if the store doesn’t have this

online i’ll definitely find some similar

bowls that are like this

so you guys can check out but if you see

the bottom like

it’s just so

pretty i’m so excited this is probably

one of my favorite home decor pieces

that i have

purchased yet

so anyways you guys these are all the

goodies i wanted to show you i think you

guys will really like these especially

if we have like this similar style and

you like what i like um then definitely

check these out down below everything

will be linked don’t forget to check out

my artwork over on practically home co

as my shop so for september and moving

forward we’re actually going to be doing

a limited

download so there’s only going to be

like maybe 10 or 15 digital downloads

available before that piece of artwork

is available for purchase so make sure

you are scoping out my website for

september’s digital download i painted a

really beautiful rose and that is going

to be the digital download it’s super

cute so stay tuned for that on september

1st make sure you are waiting because

they do go super super

fast so anyways you guys thank you so

much for checking out my video and until

next time i will see you guys later


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