hello you guys welcome back to my

channel we are doing another episode of

ikea hacks now i have done a ton of ikea

hacks videos in the past on my channel

and i personally just love flipping ikea

pieces because i do feel like ikea

pieces are pretty simple to start and i

mean i feel like that is the basis of

ikea it’s very swedish style design and

it also comes at a great price point so

a lot of the pieces are more minimal but

for someone like me who likes a more

maximal approach to design i love taking

these pieces and just hacking them and

reworking them into really cute decor

and i have three incredible projects for

you guys today normally i do for my ikea

hacks but these three projects literally

shined so bright on their own i was like

these have to just go in their own video

we’re doing a decor piece a rug and a

actual coffee table my camera is

literally on top of the coffee table

right now and it’s perfect it is

literally perfect you guys and it’s

actually the first time i’ve used this

technique so i’m excited for you guys to

see it but without further ado we have

some projects to jump into so make sure

that you are subscribed to my channel if

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your daily dose of diy and drew and

let’s go ahead and dive on into these

projects our first project here features

a wooden bowl and i personally love

these wooden bowls i have a ton of them

in different sizes they’re great mixing

bowls for your kitchen space but i

actually want to take this and turn it

more into a decorative style bowl so

something that you can use on a styled

shelf or on a coffee table or an

entryway table and this is the perfect

base for that and it turned out

incredible so here’s how i did it


for this first project i’m going to be

using a bamboo serving bowl from ikea

and i’m starting off by using a flexible

ruler here and i’m going to go ahead and

mark one inch distances apart so that we

know where to drill our holes at the top

of our bowl here now i literally put my

dots directly on the line in the bamboo

and then i just measured them out one

inch all the way around next what i did

was i went in with a drill bit that was

wide enough to fit my leather cording

and i’m going to be drilling through

every single one of those holes that we

created now do keep in mind that this is

a bowl shape so it’s kind of hard to

keep stable that’s why i had it on my

lap then i moved it to the table but

just whatever you feel comfortable with

and i did go ahead and mess up on one of

the sections but if you guys mess up do

not worry just fill the hole with some

wood filler sand it down and you’re good

to go so i just let that dry and then i

sanded down all the excess wood filler


and then brought the piece outside for

spray paint time and i wanted to go

ahead and give this bowl a new look

completely different from the original

bamboo so i gave two coats of a satin

black spray paint but if you do like the

original wood you can totally keep that

but because i was using this kind of

orangey hued suede cording i did want

the contrast to be pretty bold and i

loved whether the black looked with that

so all i did was cut a long piece of our

suede cording and i’m just simply lacing

it through the top here by going out

through the front side and in through

the back side and it kind of creates a

diagonal lace which i love and i


repeated this process around the entire

rim of the bowl


simply tie a knot on the inside of your

bowl once you are done and then snip

that cording as close to the knot as

possible and that finishes off your

decorative bowl


for a second project i wanted to go

ahead and do another rug for you guys

i’ve done rugs in the past from ikea and

you guys always love them and just

coming up with the design is always the

fun part so today i wanted to do a more

oblong kind of kilim style checkerboard

pattern which i feel like i’ve been

seeing trending across pinterest and

social media lately in terms of interior

design so this one’s super simple very

affordable and easy to recreate so

here’s how i did this project

for our second project i’m going to be

using the rack love woven rug from ikea

and as you can see here it has bands of

color across the center section of this

now they do have a rug i believe that’s

called low house which is essentially

the same rug without the bands of color

but it was out of stock at my ikea so i

opted to grab this one and then i just

removed all of those bands of color

super simple and easy just cut the ropes

as you go and pull them out because i’m

going to want to be creating a new

runner rug based off of this vintage

style kilim rug which i have been loving

lately i love this kind of geometric

pattern and we’re going to achieve that

with some tape so all i’m doing is

cutting my tape into three varying

widths i really like when the widths of

your blocked sections are a little bit

different so my left one was actually

the smallest my middle one was a bit

wider and then the right one was just a

bit smaller than the middle so the next

process is pretty repetitive you’re just

going to be cutting out tape and

repeating the checkerboard pattern all

the way up your entire rug and then once

you have all of your tape added on there

you can actually bring it outside and

use your favorite spray paint to go over

the top of your rug i started off with

this ivory color because i really wanted

a subtle tone on tone look for this rug

i know the one i shared with you guys

was pretty bold but i just thought a

tone on tone would be really pretty for

this rug and i had so much hope until i

started removing the tape

does it show up on camera a little

should i read it with black i think i

would and that is just what i did i

actually went ahead and recovered those

sections that i pulled off and then i

brought the piece back outside because

it was just way too tone on tone i

really could not tell a difference at

all on that checkerboard so i went back

and gave a full coat of black spray

paint onto our entire rug and then

brought it back inside


that’s so much better and i’m sure you

guys know how this project ends it’s the

most satisfying part of removing all of

the tape i absolutely love this process

and you get a reveal your brand new rug

and this is perfect actually to use

indoors or outdoors

and it is time for the third and final

project which is our larger scale

project in today’s video i am making a

coffee table now as you guys know in my

living room i’ve had the same kind of

wicker style coffee table that i spray

painted in my living room makeover but

i’ve always wanted to swap this out

because it is on the smaller side and i

found the lac coffee table at ikea which

is only 29 i believe it’s one of the

most inexpensive coffee tables they sell

and it really is a great shape and size


for my living room so i was like let’s

go ahead and flip this add some plaster

to it and turn it into what could be a

600 coffee table for literally a little

bit under sixty dollars


and of course you guys know that i had

to save my favorite project for last

this is our lac coffee table hack and i

started off by firstly assembling the

entire lac coffee table which was very

simple you just have to screw the legs

in and then go ahead and add that middle

shelf it took like 10 minutes to

construct very very simple and you guys

this coffee table is only 29

so it’s the perfect base for this

project this is what the table looks

like once it’s constructed and our next

process is actually to cover the entire

table in some mesh drywall tape so

you’re going to want to cover every

single piece that you are adding plaster

to which is essentially the entire table

for me i’m going to be covering that in

mesh drywall tape


and this right here is what your table

top should look like once you have it

fully covered with our mesh tape i also

added of course to the sides now we’re

going to want to go ahead and mix up our

plaster of paris so this comes in a box

like this only four dollars now sadly

milo’s only had small boxes but you can

get bigger bags what you’re going to

want to do is actually add it into a

bucket with a little bit of water and

mix it up until you have a nice smooth

kind of like chunky oatmeal-esque

consistency you’re just going to want

something more on the wet side than the

dry side because this product does dry

very quickly that is something i want to

tell you guys for sure i went ahead and

i used a spackle tool like this which is

essentially just a spreader for you know

joint compound or spackling and i

spreaded it first off on the top of our

table i wanted to go ahead and work in a

large area so i can get a feel for the

actual plastering and it really is a

simple process but i do suggest that you

make more batches of plaster and work

longer than trying to plaster it all at

once with what you have because the

plaster really does dry in about 10

minutes or so and it’s really not

workable as it gets harder so i suggest

making smaller batches and work with it

so you can smooth it out with the

spackling tool but if you do want a more

smoother plaster finish on top you can

go in after about 10 minutes of the

plaster drying on your surface with a

damp sponge and just go over the top of

the surface it’s actually really going

to smooth down that plaster and kind of

remove any harsh edges if there are any

and you can really smooth it down as

much as you would like to just go over

it multiple times with the sponge

i made some fresh plaster when i went

ahead and did the sides and really all

you’re going to want to make sure that

you do when you do the sides is that you

also get that very very corner of the

side so that it transfers to the top so

it looks like one cohesive piece so when

i did the legs and the sides i just

ensured that i was getting all of the

sides and as you can see here i did go

in with my hand at one point because it

was just taking quite a while but it is

a fun process i’m not gonna lie it is a

extremely messy process though i will

tell you guys that but once you have all

the plaster smeared on your piece this

is what my workstation ended up looking




the following morning i whipped up a

smaller batch of plaster just to kind of

fill in any areas where i felt like i

either wanted more texture or i was

still able to see that mesh underneath

or i just wanted to add more in general

i also went in and used some fine grit

sandpaper this is 180 grit to just go in

and smooth out any areas in the plaster

that of course needed a little bit more

smoothing as well i made sure to do all

of the legs just to ensure they were

nice and clean when i added it to my

living room it was going to look nice

and this is what the final state of the

table looked like which was perfect but

of course we do need to go in and just

give it a protective finish so i got a

matte clear coat this is the perfect

option i’ll link this one below for you

guys it’s great for a plaster project

like this because it does dry fully

clear so i went around and i gave two

full coats of this just wait about four

or five hours between coats so i did one

coat then i went back into the second

and then once you are done with that

just let your table cure for about 24

hours and you are completely done




a little update on the table you guys i

actually filmed this about a week and a

half ago so i’ve been living with the

table for i’d probably say 10 days or so

and i

absolutely am obsessed with it not one

thing has chipped i really wanted to do

like a little bit of an update for you

guys because i knew i was putting the

plaster over the top of like that ikea

finish and i wasn’t sure if it was going

to stick properly but it looks

incredible it’s really nice to just kind

of randomly and sporadically place items

i think it looks really fun and i feel

like overall just this table is just a

unique piece i love the texture on the

corners um i also love how it has this

bottom shelf as well i added these

ceramic beads which normally had a

couple books over there but i totally

forgot that i put them up there but

that’s the table i just wanted to give

you guys a quick little vlog style

update to let you guys know that it is

going strong plan on keeping it here the

other table is actually already out and

i just love this i want to get a new rug

for the space so if you guys have any

recommendations that will go with this

table and this chair please please let

me know in the comment section below

those were my ikea hacks for you today i

hope that you enjoyed this video and if

you guys like more ikea hacks i have so

many more of them on my channel i will

link a couple more in the description

box below for you guys and also make

sure to subscribe because i’m always

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click that bell icon if you are not

already and i would love to know which

project was your guys’s favorite was it

the bowl was it the rug or was it the

coffee table there are some options but

they all turned out really cute and i

hope that you guys loved this one the

website is finally fixed it

was down for like a month so if you want

to go ahead and get some new decor or

just shop around on the site it’s

finally up and running you guys and

everything is functioning properly i’ll

catch you guys in my next video have an

amazing rest your day bye guys





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