hey guys welcome back to my channel or

welcome if you’re new today i’m going to

be taking you guys shopping with me at

target home goods and i’m also going to

give you guys a few home decor updates

so let’s hop straight into the video so

the first thing that i saw was this vase

from the hearthy hand collection this

vase is a neutral dream okay the color

the texture the details is just perfect

the perfect face to add some pompous

grass or some fall foliage too it’s just

a really really nice vase and it looks

way more expensive than it actually is i

believe it was only about 30 dollars

which is not bad at all for the size and


next up is this candle from the hearth

and hand collection this candle first of

all the color

is gorgeous okay look at this brown

orangey type of fall vibe going on here

this is the perfect color for fall okay

and then it smells amazing it smells

just like fall just like the pumpkin

type of smell that we love when fall

rolls around it’s just the perfect fall

candle the white is contrasting off of

this beautiful brown so nicely and it’s

just great the only thing is she was a

little bit pricey she was about 34.99

which in my opinion is a little bit

pricey but it’s really really nice so

hard the hand has so many new smell good

stuff going on they have the broom

sprays a bunch of different candle and

candle accessories i really like these

candle holders i think these are a

beautiful color you all know i’m a

neutral queen so the beige is speaking

to me

and they are a really nice price they’re

only 6.99 i think that is not bad at all

and then the smaller ones it’s like a

smaller version of it i think was like

4.99 so loving the prices of those i

really love the age detail of it and how

there’s like some little cracks and

impurities in it i think that’s a really

really nice touch these candles over

here were also nice as well it’s the

same exact scent as the big one the

harvest spice it seems like there’s

gonna be harvest spice and then there’s

gonna be smoked woods which was also a

really nice scent as well the jars that

they come in were really different and

unique i really like that it’s really

pretty they run for 14.99 which is not

bad at all they kind of look like they

were handmade too so that’s a different

type of vibe going on there but over

here um are some room sprays i love hard

to hand room sprays they always smell so

good and they last for a while so these

are 6.99 this is the smoked woods

i didn’t see the harvest one but i’m

sure they have it lying around somewhere

so here are just some more candles and

just another view of all of the candle

accessories so here are the smaller

versions that i was talking about same

concept as the bigger ones just a

different style there were also these

really nice ceramic candle holders over


loving that

definitely given that neutral beige tone

that we love these were only 4.99 as

well not bad at all so definitely check

those out if you’re looking for some

candle holders they are really nice

moving on over here y’all know i live

for a vase so i was excited to see these

i love

black black is definitely an accent

color in my house so i was instantly

gravitated towards this these are called

bud vases which i have not heard of but

i guess is to put like little small buds

of some type of floral in here because

they aren’t very big vases so i really

like this a lot and this is 4.99 which

is not bad sorry my camera is not


but yeah this is just a beautiful vase i

love it love the color love the price i

think it’s an absolute still here are

just some more versions of that other

vase i just showed you guys there’s a


wider version over here and then there

are some shorter ones um over here as


still the same color still the same

concepts just different variations of it

and i love them you guys i think they

  Bathroom Decorating Ideas

are so cute

so chic and just a great add-on to any


here are just some more candles remember

i showed you guys the big pretty brown

harvest candle from the beginning

this is the smoke woods version of it

it’s a black like a dark charcoal

almost black color

definitely great if you’re trying to

keep that neutral aesthetic going on

you cannot go wrong with that back here

are what you can put in the bud vase

they’re just like some little tiny

little stems definitely giving some fall

vibes there up here are some more

candles so hearth and hand is clearly

having a candle party but we have that

pretty brown color again which is the

harvest spice and then there’s also this

really nice white color which is called

birch and amber all these candles smell

so good they smell just like fall

exactly with what you would want in your

home for the fall so love these candles

a lot harder than hand has not missed

per usual

i also saw these wooden bookends i

really like these a lot i think they are

a nice warm touch if you want to add

something to your bookcase or add

something to like your entertainment

center or something like that just to

kind of give it like a more

warm and cozy touch for the fall i think

this is perfect

these are really nice the wood looks

great is that really nice rich wood tone

these were twenty four dollars for two

bookends i don’t think that’s bad at all

they were really heavy and sturdy too so

the quality is there as well next up is

some of this floral foliage going on

here definitely a beautiful

nice and rich light purple color with

some depth in there as well with some of

that dark purple on the root love that

this is definitely a great touch for

fall you can add this to one of your

vases let me take this out so i can show

y’all what you’re getting this is one

stem one stem is 9.99 you have a couple

of branches on it so it looks pretty

full so that’s not bad for

this and then you have some garland over

here if you want to add some greenery

there’s also that nice brownish color as

well up here you have some wreaths this

wreath is a nice neutral beige color

tone love that

there’s also some more foliage down here

up here you also have this really nice

brown leafy reed this wreath was only

9.99 which i don’t think is bad at all

it’s not very big but it’s a really nice

color the colors like this rich brownish

orangey fall tone really nice for that i

also saw some tableware that i thought

was really nice for the fall these bows

are beautiful i love the fall colors of

them and then these napkin holders are

really nice as well that can definitely

take your place settings up a notch

adding some napkins and napkin holders

to your table i love that there are also

some more bowls in different colors so

back here is more of like that golden

brown tone i like this a lot as well i

think it’s definitely giving fall vibes

too and then there’s always this nice

green color that i think is more of a

christmas vibe but you can get away with

it in the fall as well so here is just

some more serve wear i really like the

shape of this they always have really

nice shapes on their dishwasher to where

it looks more handmade and more unique

so love this and the color of course is

just gorgeous as well moving on to these

baskets so i do love baskets i think

that they add a really nice and cozy

element to your space

these baskets are 39.99 which i think is

a little bit pricey however they were a

nice size and they were good quality so

the last thing that i started target was

this stone tray um it says

metal rack and pizza stone i cannot

pronounce that first word so i don’t

know what that is but i thought this was

really pretty and then you know the

holidays are coming up so you’ll be able

to serve things more and kind of set the

tone around the table so i think that

this would be a really cute and nice


addition to add to your holiday affairs

moving on the home goods so home goods

has these really nice vases i really

like the shape and style of this vase

not too crazy about the color of it it’s

giving like that kind of weird silvery

charcoal color but you can definitely do

a diy with this this runs for 29.99

which is not bad the quality was nice so

not bad for that

this brassy bronze bow was also really

nice to see i really love the style of

it it has like that medieval type of

style going on but i really like it i

like the color of it i think it would be

nice to kind of add to your bookshelf or

to like a console table or something

like that i think this is nice

definitely would add like some age and

some interest to your space so love that

next up is this wooden tray if you know

me you know i love a wooden edition

i really like this so this is what it

looks like the shape of it is so nice

it’s so different i think that this

would be a great addition soccer

entertainment center a coffee table or

something like that i love the cracks in

the wood it’s just amazing so next up

are these vases so these vases were

interesting to me because they have a

two tone and a two texture

um type of thing going on here so the

top is more of like that ceramic smooth

feel and then the bottom has more of

like that gritty texture so i thought

those are really nice so next up were

these bookends so i really like these

bookends i love the color of them i love

how there’s like the dark tones and then

they have like that


neutral color on the inside of it

it’s 14.99 per book in so you’re going

to pay about 28 for two um so but they

were really a really heavy a really nice


book in so it may be worth it

moving on to these vases these vases

were gorgeous i really like the age

vintage kind of look on them

if you don’t like that you can

definitely paint them and you know kind

of make them to what you want

but i really like the way that they came

and they only cost 14.99 which is a

still for these

last but not least is the darker version

of that bowl that i showed you guys

earlier this one was more of like a

really dark brownish blackish color um

it looked more black in the store but

now that i’m looking at it on camera it

looks more brown but same concept really

so now i’m going to take you guys into

my home for our home decor update so the

first update i want to give you guys is

this lamp that was sent to me by govi

you can find them on amazon they have so

many different lighting options but this

one here is the lira lamp i love the

sleek and modern style of this lamp so

if you’re looking for a modern

lamp for your space this one is

definitely a great option it also comes

with a remote so we love that i love the

fact that you don’t have to get up to

turn it off or on you can control how

dim or how bright it is and you can even

control the warmth and the color of the

lamp as well by using the remote so if

you want it to be more cool you can just

press the cool button and it makes the

light more cool and if you want it to be

more warm you can press the warm button

and it makes the light more warm so you

always have an option as to what you

want your space to look like you can

also make it flow with your music

there’s a music button on here so it

kind of like flicks like how your music

would go um it connects to like google

assistant and amazon alexa and all that

stuff so it’s super high tech love this

a lot you can also just set it to a

different color if you want to so

there’s a color button on here so if you

want it to be like red you can switch it


back to white but you can change it like

orange blue green every single color

that you want is literally on here so i

just really love this lamp i think it’s

super like modern super high tech and

it’s just fun okay who doesn’t want a

little bit of fun in their space so

check out um govi on amazon i will link

the information down below it’ll be in

my description box so check that out if

you were interested in this lamp so next

up is a 3d home on a frame that was sent

to me and created by exalted 3d so this

home is super special and i will share

with you guys all about it eventually

but for now i just wanted to show you

guys this beautiful artwork by exalted

3d so we just sent him the floor plan

and pictures of this home and he created

a 3d version of it and it looks just

like the home and it’s just absolutely

perfect he did an incredible job the

turnaround was really quick and he was

so easy to work with so i highly

recommend checking him out i will link

his information down below so you guys

can check that out i think this is a

perfect addition

to your office space it’s your space in

general this is definitely something

that i wanted to add to my office just

to kind of motivate us and keep us on

track and just something that’s going to

be a sentimental part um you know of our

home so and it’s also a great gift so if

you want to give someone you know a

really nice sentimental gift this is

definitely a great option as well so so

next up is this vase that i picked up

from marshalls not home goods but

marshalls okay and it was forty dollars

but i really liked it a lot it’s really

big it’s a really nice heavy and sturdy

um quality to it i love the style of it

i love the color of it i may end up

changing the color of it eventually but

i like the color of it for now i just

put some pompous grass in it for now but

i’m probably not gonna put anything in

it eventually i just needed something to

put in it for the time being and a place

to put it for the time being but i liked

it a lot didn’t really have a plan for

it but it had to come home with me so

here we are but this is what it looks

like overall with the living room and i

really like it a lot i feel like my

living room was so empty before so i

really like this vase and what it adds

to the space so let me know what y’all

think down in the comments so last but

certainly not least is this beautiful

rose arrangement that was sent to me by

rose forever so rose forever is a

company in new york that actually

handpicks their roses and they make

these beautiful preservable arrangements

they preserve their roses with natural

oils so i thought that was really cool

as well and they last up to a year so

that’s super awesome you can look at

these for a very long time so if you

want to give someone something that’s

going to make a lasting impression this

is definitely a great option to do so so

i decided to put my roses in my bathroom

and i really like how it came out i

chose the black and white arrangement i

got the ivory roses to go with what my

aesthetic is you know i like my neutral

black and white aesthetics in my

bathroom and i think that it goes


with the space it matches great and it

just adds a little upscale luxury touch

which is perfect so i will link the

information down below as well as the

discount code so you guys can check out

rose forever okay guys so this is the

end of the video as always don’t forget

to like and subscribe and comment down

below what you think about everything

that you saw today and until next time i

will see you guys later i also want to

thank you guys for 12.6k subscribers

y’all are amazing




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