hey everyone welcome back to my channel

my name is kristen and today we’re

headed into target together so we can

check out all of the new home decor this


now that christmas is over i’m really

looking forward to some new color


some new spring products and i heard the

studio mcgee collection just came out

the hearth and hand collection so i feel

like there’s gonna be a lot to look

through i’m looking for some new home

decor pieces to kind of freshen up the


as well as organizers because i have a

lot of organizing to do this year

and you probably do too so i hope this

gives you some ideas

gives you some ideas on what you can

look for in stores and i hope you guys

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and let’s go ahead and head inside


all right so the first place i’m going

to check out inside target is the target

dollar section you can never skip over

this area because there’s always

really fun unique stuff in here under

five dollars so

i found this little workout section that

i thought was so

kind of on trend right now everyone

working out from home

this would be perfect they have this

little workout dice which i thought was

really cool

a nice weighted jump rope for five


a really affordable exercise mat they

even have these foam rollers

and those kind of like glider pads so

you could pretty much build a whole


gym using stuff from the target dollar


they also have this whole wall of little

decor pieces that i think would be

perfect for like a kid space a kid’s

room a playroom

they have this really nice wooden banner

which i thought was just a great quality

piece you could put it across

a crib or on a wall just to add some

added color

and these really nice framed prints i


love the frame but i like the prints

inside so for three dollars you could

pick this up

switch out the frame and create your own

little kids gallery wall

sometimes when i’m looking around at

things i’m looking at the piece as a

whole so i love this explore sign but i

would actually paint it black or white

and kind of modernize it make it look a

little less kitty


i’m always drawn to mugs and candles

that’s my thing

i stop at the mugs i stop at the candles

i smell every single one

these are so great they’re three dollars


rose petal one smells so fresh kind of

like candy so it’s really sweet

and then this vanilla bean one is just

the perfect vanilla scent so i grabbed a

few of those

for sure

i’m also definitely picking up a few of

these organizers

you get so many bins within one bin for

just five dollars so

feels like such a deal i’m grabbing two

different kinds because i have a lot of

organizing to do as

i said stay tuned for organizing videos

they are definitely coming

there’s a lot more to look at in the

dollar section but let’s make our way

over to the home decor section

here at target i’m starting off with the


studio mcgee collection

and i’m so excited to check everything

out i can’t even believe

how big this section is it has

so many baskets so many plants and it

just screams


i am just loving this basket right here

it’s ten dollars

it’s really lightweight it has some nice

handles a simple design and i feel like

i can use this

in my entertainment unit maybe use it in

my laundry room in my pantry

i think it would look good anywhere so

i’m definitely grabbing some of those

i’m always looking for some really

realistic looking faux plants because

i’m not someone that can keep my real

plants alive

this faux banana leaf plant looks really

great it’s super tall so it would really

add a big impact to any

room it comes in a nice pot already so i

feel like

this section really makes it super easy

for you to just add something green into

your space and bring it to life

so if you’re looking for some good faux

plants target is definitely a good place

to start


okay i am super impressed with the


and quality of the furniture here in the

studio mickey section

i can’t believe this this console is so


it could be a desk it could be a console

table it would look amazing in an


i love these poofs underneath it’s such

a great

neutral piece that would look good in

any home

i also really love this chair i didn’t

get the prices of any of these bigger

pieces i don’t know where the prices

were but hopefully i can link all these

things down below and you can check them


but this chair was super comfortable i

sat down on it

very deep very classic looking

definitely doesn’t look like you’d get

it from target

so this is just incredible these nice

mid-century modern legs a nice oak


this back is also kind of velcroed on so

it would stay in place

i love everything about it


i love using candles around my home to

create some atmosphere but also just to

use as decorative pieces

and when they look like this you can

definitely use them as decor

this is a beautiful oversized candle

super low profile and i think it would

look great on

any table


another easy thing you can do to kind of

transition your space into spring

is change up the greenery change up the

plants create little floral arrangements

this drapey plant is absolutely

beautiful looks very realistic

as well as these lemon stems how cute

are those

these are all five dollars so it’s

really easy to kind of create your own


and brighten up your space


all right now heading into the hearth

and hand by magnolia section

they have the most beautiful selection

of things over here and it’s just

absolutely filled i love that everything


farmhouse inspired but it’s also very


into different styles this dining room

chair is

one of my favorite pieces i love the

wood finish

i think it looks very farmhouse but it

also could be

really pretty in a mid-century modern

home or

in a very traditional home so their

pieces kind of go always and you can put


them in your home

even if you’re not going for the

farmhouse style so keep that in mind

there’s a lot of great things in here

that can work for your home at a really

great price


let me know down below if you guys have

ever smelled this candle this sugared

birch is one of my favorite scents

it’s sweet it’s warm it’s christmassy

and it makes me feel happy i could have

this thing on

all year round



this lamp is another great oversized

piece i don’t know if you guys can tell

on camera but it is

huge and it has some really nice texture

to it with

wood and ceramic and linen

if you have a big home or really high

ceilings you need oversized pieces

and that lamp would be absolutely



you can also see when you scan across

these products you could get

every single one of these and use them

all over your home and it would work

so all the color palettes all the

textures work really well together

you can’t really go wrong i love this

little set it’s

24.99 and it comes with everything you




this whole kitchen side totally grabbed

my eye

i love these textures and colors all


oversized pieces i think all of these

little details would really make your

kitchen look a lot more organized clean

and really put together so they have

little things like this that are

5.99 little salt containers cookie jars

flower jars and even this really great

oversized tray that would look perfect

across a dining room table




little pieces like this would look

really nice on top of your countertop or

if you have open shelving in your


it would make things look styled but

also really functional because they’re

pieces you can use


oh this is a nice bar cart it’s not too


i think it could work in any home it’s

great for entertaining

these stools are also great for

entertaining or any kind of open concept


they add some extra seating they add

some style and some layers into your


but they can also be just used as extra

seats to kind of pull into a coffee




now onto the rest of the target home

decor section

they have a great lamp section and

there’s so many perfect

floor lamps table lamps i’m going to

show you a few of my favorites that i

found here

these ones here these brass ones are

perfect for any kind of

mid-century modern kind of vintage style


really beautiful really substantial and

this new

black table lamp very modern kind of

very traditional so

really cool style lamp love that one and

this brass floor lamp if you’re looking

to add some height kind of balance out

the look of your space a floor lamp is

definitely an easy way of doing that

they also have these little mini lamps

and i love the finish on these

this really beautiful wood the nice

ceramic that’s really

matte and not shiny is totally on trend

right now and i think they would look

really cute

on a shelf or in a kitchen they’re just


so sweet


you guys know that i love organizational

products but i also love

decorative organizational products and

these canisters are definitely

it these will help you organize


ingredients around your kitchen or you

can just use them

on top of your countertop to hold little

things and it will clean up the look of

your space

but also decorate it at the same time

i am all about small details like this i

love opening a drawer and seeing

some brass or gold cutlery i think it

makes everything look so exciting and

thoughtful and beautiful so i love this


it’s 35 and it’s a set of 20 so

that’s pretty good i’ve seen gold

cutlery elsewhere and it’s way more


so here is definitely the place to get


i wanted to point out the project 62

curtain section

they have really beautiful curtain rods

and curtain rings

in every finish so you can really find

something that matches with your home

they’re really beautiful modern styles

and they’re all at a really great price

so if you want to update your window


there is a really easy way to start


i don’t know much about this castle luna

collection but i see it all over the

target home section

they have a really nice modern

kind of neutral color palette in all of

their products

and everything feels super soft and cozy

so they have towels they have

sheets um blankets i also see that they


these jersey cotton sheets and those are

always my favorite i love that they’re


they feel like a t-shirt that’s always

my favorite


okay definitely picking up a bunch of

these these are organizers

for two dollars but they’re grouped

together so you get

multiple for two dollars love this they

come in different sizes different styles

different colors

i’m definitely grabbing these for a

bunch of different drawers around my


i feel like these are perfect for

organizing junk drawers look at this

pack of three for two dollars this is

exactly what i was looking for

okay target is seriously amazing amazing


beautiful pieces i can’t even believe it


love the studio mighty collection all of

the baskets that are out right now

i love that a lot of them can hang off

of things the beautiful chairs that they


so there’s so much selection and that

was so much fun so i hope you guys

enjoyed coming along shopping with me

and checking out what’s in stores

i hope it gave you some ideas on what

you can look for for your home and how

you can style some pieces around your

home as well if you enjoyed watching

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you guys so much and i’ll see you in my

next one



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