hey there and welcome to my channel

today i’m gonna be decorating my house

for the first time for fall in 2021 and

i cannot wait to take you along with me

i’ll be doing quite a few decorate with

me for fall i don’t have all the decor i

wanted to use today so i’m going to be

taking you into like a little mini fall

decorate with me and if you’re new here

my name is lauren i love to do all

things decorating and cooking and just

keeping my house a happy place for our

family and i would love it if you would

subscribe i’m new to youtube and i’m

still growing so if you hit the

subscribe button it would mean the world

to me to help grow my channel okay so to

get started i wanted to start in the

living room get things nice and cleaned

off and then i’m going to be doing a

really simple

little vignette over the fireplace and

kind of cozy around the fireplace

if you look at a couple of my videos

from last fall you’ll see the fireplace

was on the other side of the room and i

had different chairs and this room

actually looked totally different so i’m

excited to see if you guys like this

better or the way i did it in 2020

definitely tell me in the comments down

below if you have seen some of my

content from last year and let me know

what you like most about decorating for

fall wishing that you knew



i see that smile on your face

you told me bout the hidden place

something in the atmosphere

so as i started to kind of put this area

together i realized that i wasn’t going

to have enough room to have these really

pretty black tables in the corners and

have the chairs plus if you watched my

fall decor haul that i posted earlier

this week you’ll see that i picked up

some really beautiful gold lanterns from

target and it didn’t all fit in this

corner it just got really cluttery and

so i decided to take these black tables

out and replace them with a much smaller

table and some really beautiful kind of

heightened florals only because it’s

hard to kind of compete with the front

window and this room is really kind of

awkwardly shaped but i think you guys

will like in the end how it all turns


so i’m going to start by adding these

really beautiful gold lanterns and

instead of using candles which i’ve got

for kids so i definitely can’t put

candles and lanterns like this i’m going

to be doing a really fun little

technique in these to really make them

pop and feel super cozy for fall




i’m thinking

for the fireplace i knew i wanted to use

a very particular fall sign that i used

last year and i also wanted to use these

beautiful branches again i love how

whimsical they are they remind me a lot

of like a willow branch and i wanted to

kind of create a very whimsical and fall

look but that’s not super overwhelming

so i’ll get more into lots of oranges

and pumpkins later in the season it’s

the end of august right now and i just

think it’d be best to bring in some more

neutral tones and kind of muted things

and bring in lots of orange and pumpkins

come september but i picked up these

really cute picks from target i actually

have to tell you i usually don’t pick up

picks from target but i thought these

were really beautiful and look super

genuine so i ended up picking them up


they were five dollars a peach which is

a little higher than i usually spend on

picks i usually get them at hobby lobby

on sale but i thought these turned out

really beautiful and all of these uh

vases i also picked up from target as


so in the corner i’m going to go ahead

and add this vintage wine

kind of glass i’ve had this forever and

i’m going to be adding in just a couple

pics that i picked up from hobby lobby

two years ago and these are going to

give a little bit of height to the room

and also be able to work against the

bust we have on the right hand side of

the room i wanted something that kind of

met the eye at both areas but not put

something huge i originally had tried to

put one of my farmhouse ladders in this

corner and you know what my house is not

a farmhouse and typically when i do farm

housy things in here it just totally

clashes so i ended up doing something a

little bit different but i’m gonna add

this great little basket here and one of

my casa luna blankets to the corner just

to really start to warm this area up



so i don’t know if you’re like me but i

tend to collect a lot of seasonal

pillows and unfortunately when i find

some that i love and i use them a ton

this ends up happening i will link this

little tool down below but i like to use

this on any type of wool or anything it

honestly will get out any of this like


i don’t know what this is like little

balls of this is a felt um

pillow so it’s got all kinds of like

little balls and things it’s been

sitting in a closet for a year so i will

link this down below it’s nice to kind

of clean up the pillow and make it look

like new again but this is oddly super

satisfying as well to kind of hit your

pillows with this before you kind of get

your decorating


you’ll be all done



you don’t need to worry



so for the coffee table i wanted to keep

this really simple i’m going to add a

couple little picks here and a nice

candle and this great little wicker

basket that i picked up from target and

i just want to keep this as simple as

possible until the rest of my new decor

comes in and i can kind of bring in some

more fall elements

but for the most part i really like this

i also think i might move this basket up

to my bedroom which i haven’t done yet i

was hoping to do it this day but i

totally didn’t have time but i love how

this turns out


i also want to take a moment and let you

know that i do have an instagram page

where i connect with most of you so

definitely check it out at mrs lauren

nicholson on instagram



i’m just going to add some pillows and

blankets to the two couches just to cozy

things up but i also want to say hi to

my sweet my sweet little ferruccio

sleeping over here i didn’t want to

scare him with all the pillows so i

thought i would just let him know i was

coming over and he did not even care he

just went right back to sleep but we

love him he’s one of our little fosters

turned forever kittens and he has a twin

sister named for tuna and they are just

the sweetest little kittens ever




for the entryway i want to keep things


very simple i really love using some

bright orange foliage some apples in the

early fall season i feel like it’s a

great transition you typically will

harvest apples before you will harvest

pumpkin so i just think it’s kind of the

perfect transition and then i also like

to use gold and dark blues and i have

this great happy fall sign i picked up

from the dollar spot at target a couple

years ago and i think it kind of brings

in a little bit of the element of fall

but not so much that you know it’s not

too early in the season to have just a

little touch or hint of some nice fall




so for the dining room i am really going

to do some basic cleaning in here and

just kind of take out the rest of the

summer things that i had in here i did

want to tell you i do have a blog

website that i mean i don’t post a ton

on there but i definitely put all my

recipes and all my fall recipes and some

of the pasta core i’ve done um years

before i started doing youtube so

definitely check that out it’s at lauren i will put a link down

below if you want to check it out but

it’s a great place to go if you’re

looking for some of the stuff i’ve done

prior to starting youtube if you are new

here i started youtube around july of

2020 and it really was just a hobby and

it was something i loved doing i started

a blog a couple years ago and really

just don’t enjoy writing

i just find that doing video is just

such a wonderful medium to kind of

express decor and traditions and cooking

and just things that i really genuinely

love and are so used to sharing with so

many people

this has been just the most fun and

really creative way for me to express

myself i do have a full-time job if

you’re new here i do work i’m the

director of a winery here in napa valley

and i have four kids and i do this as a

hobby so i wouldn’t um say i’m a i’m a

youtuber so you won’t always have like a

set schedule and i post as often as i

can i miss you guys so much when i’m not

posting i love talking to in the


i don’t just post

for subscribers and likes i really

genuinely love talking about decor and

talking about cooking and kids and

family and being a busy mom

and all the different things that we

talk about down there so

i would say definitely i’m a little

different than most of the other gals

you’re probably watching on youtube and

i watch them too they’re awesome and i

really love um kind of seeing the more

professional youtubers i think that

that’s super cool but i’m i’m definitely

not one of those so i apologize ahead of

time if you’re looking for that there’s

some great youtubers out there

definitely trying to find them but if

you’re here on my channel this is really

just a great hobby that i really enjoy

and i’m just really grateful you are

here and if you want to see more of my

content definitely hit the subscribe




i love how this simple little wooded

tablescape turned out i wanted to keep

things pretty simple it’s the first week

back to school and we’ve been using our

table for homework night trying to get

ourselves reacquainted with that but i

also wanted to hang up these wreaths on

our mirror in here and i’m also going to

hang one in our kitchen and on the other

mirror in our dining room i love the way

it reflects off and it really does


create such warmth in any space i highly

recommend hanging a wreath either over a

mirror or some artwork that you have in

your house

now i’m going to be using these really

cute twinkle lights i will link the ones

i have down below if i can find them but

i like to use these they’re awesome i

purchased them from hobby lobby during

christmas time but you can really get

these anywhere i will probably link some

from amazon

if i can find them i know the hobby

lobby ones aren’t on there because i

already looked but

add like a little bit

of pumpkin or anything at the bottom

just to kind of hide the battery pack

and then i just kind of

scrunch up the wire and just kind of let

it cascade in there and then i set the

timer on to come on every night around

six that’s around the time when we’re

eating dinner or getting up from the

dinner table and i just think it creates

such a whimsical and fun effect for any

kind of decor you’re doing in the

moving house






so since i have some very particular

decor i’m going to be adding to my

kitchen when things get a little bit

more into the season i just wanted to

keep things really simple and add a

couple cutting boards this great autumn

harvest sign and then i’m going to be

adding a really fun book i will try to

find it on amazon they’re kind of older

books but i love these kind of fun older

recipes for fall and autumn really fun

creative ideas in there kind of old

school but i will link those if i can

find them and i’m just going to add some

copper around the room we do cook with

copper in our house so i’ve got plenty

of it and i thought it would look great

with this autumn harvest sign and then i

will be done and i’ll give you guys a

quick little tour of how everything

turned out























thank you guys so much for taking a

minute out of your day to watch this

video and to really welcome the season

of fall with me today

i am so excited to be sharing so much

more with you guys through the seasons i

really love doing seasonal decor in my

home and again if you’re new i would

love it if you would subscribe and if

you’re returning thank you so much for

your kindness and support of this

channel and i cannot wait to share so

much more with you guys i will see you

in the next video which will be a cook

with me for fall and i kind of will go

on and off between uh decorate with mies

and cook with me throughout the season i

know you guys love my cooking just as

much as i do so why not do both

if you guys would love to have some

requests of different recipes definitely

tell me the comments down below i would

love to know what you guys love to cook

for fall and i’ll check out some of your

recipes too

and if you guys are on instagram i

respond to most of you on there so

definitely link any type of decor you’re

doing there share with me in the stories

and definitely come back for the next

video so we can continue to enjoy fall






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