hey guys welcome back to lg queen home

decor my name is linda i first off want

to start off this video by saying

huge thank you to everybody for all your

continued love and support

i appreciate you guys with all of my

heart thank you for these four years the

end of this month is actually going to

be four years since i started my youtube


and without you guys this wouldn’t be

possible we’ve grown so much and

i love you guys and so thankful you all

are here so excited to share with you

guys my new living room makeover as you

can see

here’s a sneak peek of the new sofa we

have we actually got rid of this

sectional for a little bit i wanted to


something different so we have two of

these new tufted sofas and

i’ll show more details on it later on in

this video today’s video is sponsored by

lamps plus

lamps plus has the most stunning

lighting for your home you guys you also

carry furniture home decor accessories

outdoor furniture and more

i’m honored to be working with lamps

plus again for this video and a huge

thank you to the lamps plus team for

making my dream living room a reality

because they have the most beautiful

pieces high quality items

great prices their styles for everybody

there’s farmhouse rustic glam

modern anything you can think of and

just a quick disclaimer when you go

there you’re going to see so many

different things that you’re going gonna

love things that i’ll

actually keep in my home for years to

come and i will never get tired of and i

love the way it came out you guys so

without further ado

let’s continue with this living room




when designing a room i like to start

with the lighting because it instantly

sets the aesthetic i’m going for and for

me lighting is the biggest statement

piece in the room

it instantly starts to make a house a

home by adding your own personal touch

it creates a warm ambiance and it’s like

jewelry for your home i’ve always wanted

the chandelier and to tell you guys that

i was really excited to have this piece

in my home is an understatement

this is the primo collection 24 inch

wide crystal chandelier with 14 lights

it has so much glam that no matter what

angle you look at it shines like a


now that this piece is up i’m going to

show you our new beautiful sofas and

first i want to mention that i

absolutely love how lamps plus always

make sure to securely package everything

all of my items i’ve ever ordered have

come in one piece and i’ve never had

issues with anything broken because it’s

always been secure

here we have the valer 87.5 inch white

oatmeal tufted sofa

this stuff is even more beautiful in

person it has two removable and

reversible cushions with zippers

and it also comes with two small

decorative pillows with zippers i really

like tufted furniture and was delighted

to see the tufting all over the back of

the sofa and on the bottom

i imagine these were going to be perfect

for the living room makeover because

they would pair beautifully with the new


these sofas are modern glam elegant and

timeless the nail head trim around the

sofa added the extra glam factory that i


now for these next items i’m also super

excited to share because they’re the

most glamorous elegant and beautiful

mirrors i’ve seen so far you guys


when i saw these on the lamps plus

website my jaw dropped and i’ll insert a

clip here so you can see what i’m


about this is the marilla frameless 36

inch by 48 inch scalloped wall mirror

these mirrors can be hung in the living

room bedroom bathroom closet

dining room and just about anywhere else

that you want to give an instant wow


i’ve had a lot of requests to share how

i make my glittered wall arts and since

i was going to make one for my living

room makeover i wanted to share with

those of you that are interested

i bought a large 48 inch by 60 inch

canvas to cover a big wall in the living

room however you can use this tutorial

to make a smaller wall art











here’s how my glitter diy wall art

turned out and i ended up adding more

glitter to the center i just added more

mod podge and applied a mix of both


for the rest of this video i’m going to

play music and show you how i cleaned

and decorated the living room






adding accessories is the finishing

touch to complete a room like a cherry

on top

i love decorating and it’s my favorite

part of a makeover because i can finally

see everything i’ve planned to come




i added real flowers that i picked up at

my grocery store to finish off the look

i was going for

i wanted to add a touch of green to this

space and here i’m showing you how i

made this floral arrangement i used tape

to create little squares to place the

floral stems in so that they don’t fall

to the sides of the vase and they can

stay in place for a more elegant look





here’s one more clip of the before and

here’s the after i would love to hear

your thoughts on how you think this

living room makeover turned out

many of you know i had my white

sectional for a couple of years that

i’ve enjoyed and if you’re curious

no i didn’t get rid of it i just have it

stored away i wanted to try something

new in this space


i love having this faux fire place that

really made the space feel more cozy and


i was going to have a real one installed

but found this one at a great price

loved the look and couldn’t pass it up

with the winter season approaching it

was perfect tied to this living room

if you decide to recreate the diy

glittered wall art i would love to see

how it turns out for you please tag me

on instagram at lg queen home decor

it was getting dark and here’s a view of

how it looks like in the late evening i

love that i added mirrors on each side

of the fireplace because it gives an

illusion of a more open space and it

makes the living room look larger

that’s a tip i can share with you guys

if you have a small space to work with


huge thank you to lambsplus for

sponsoring today’s video i hope you guys

enjoyed my new living room tour and as

you can see right here we have a little

bit of christmas going on and i can’t

wait to share that in my next video

thank you guys for being here and i’ll

talk to y’all very soon take care




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