hi everyone welcome back i hope you’re

all having an amazing week so far i’m so

excited for today’s video and i couldn’t

wait to share it with you all i will be

showing you how to make personalized diy

home decor i will also be showing you

how the diys i’ve made can even spark

ideas for you to start your own small

business these ideas can even help

elevate your current business into being

even more innovative and help expand

your product line today’s video is

sponsored by cricut throughout this

video you will see how the latest qriket

maker 3 machine has allowed me the

ability to create diys to begin or level

up small business opportunities now

let’s go ahead and get started the

qriket maker 3 is the latest model

qriket has released and i can’t

emphasize how fantastic and efficient

this latest machine is for the diys in

this video i’m using the qriket maker 3

it has the ability to cut over 300 types

of materials it cuts twice as fast than

the original maker and has 10 times the

amount of cutting force than the

explorer 2 series if you have never

heard of cricut before aren’t fully

aware of the possibilities that qriket

machines can provide i will quickly

inform you about them cricket is a

company that specializes in

state-of-the-art electronic cutting

machines that are used to diy crafts and

projects they can cut a wide variety of

materials such as paper vinyl cardstock

iron on material fabric denim silk

leather and many other specialty objects

i will leave a link to check out the

cricut website and a link to shop this

machine in the description box this roll

holder is another new item from cricut

it attaches to the cricut explorer 3 and

qriket maker 3 with the built-in trimmer

for convenient material cut off this is

perfect for a clean and precise cut the

roll holder secures smart materials for

cutting projects without a mount so you

can just load and go it fits smart roll


materials up to 75 feet


for the first diy i’m going to make a

personalized throw pillow that can be

placed just about anywhere to begin this

diy i’m on cricut design space i went on

images and typed in wreath now that i

found the wreath that i liked i’m going

to press on the green button on the

bottom right that says enter images make

sure to measure your pillow to know how

big your design should be i changed the

color of the wreath to black to give me

a better visual of how it’s going to

look like on the pillow i went back to

images and typed in the letter g from my

monogram then i’m going to place it in

the middle of the wreath


when everything is exactly how i want it

to be i’m going to highlight the entire

image and click on the weld at the

bottom right corner i ended up resizing

the wreath a little bit bigger than

press to make it in the green on the top

right corner

select with or without matte then select

your base material mine is going to be

iron on and make sure to press the

mirror on button that’s on the left side

of the screen to make sure your cutout

is perfect otherwise it won’t work for

your pillow

qriket offers a heat guide to help you

with your heat press and all you have to

do is select your heat transfer material

based material and choose the qriket

easy press mat or towel press apply and

the instructions are all there




this is how the first diy made using the

qriket machine and heat press turned out

i love the way it looks it looks like it

was professionally made and it’s special

to me because it has my last name

initial any of these personalized diy

projects that you’ll see in today’s

video shows the possibilities of being

creative and making them unique in your


own way or endless it’s really amazing

how you can use the qriket machine to

create your custom designs and begin to

sell them on your website or social

media platforms and work from home it

can literally be a business of monogram

throw pillows another way to make money

with a qriket machine is creating a

custom candle small business i’m

starting off by using qriket design

space to work on all of my labels and

stickers the first thing i did was

select images and typed in welcome home

i went back to images and typed label in

the search bar and found a label shape

that i really liked then i placed the

logo in front of the label and added a

little message i ended up deleting it

and just added my initials for a more

clean and elegant look


now that i like how everything looks on

the label i’m going to take the logo and

the initials off the logo so they can

print out separately



i’m creating a duplicate image for the

label in the smaller size to make a new

cutout in the color black



this custom candle was very easy to make

and instantly gave the guest bedroom a

beautiful updated refresh it turned out

so pretty and i’ll be making more custom

candles to give out as gifts


i’m really excited about this diy

because i’ve always wanted a

personalized t-shirt and throw blanket

these make for the perfect gifts that

everyone is always going to enjoy

because it has something personalized to

see and have for them

when everything looks great press the

green button on the top right select

with or without matte and most

importantly turn mirror on on the left

side of the screen and press continue


now place the monogram on the shirt and

make sure you’re following the heating

temperature recommended for the type of

fabric you’ll be using the heat press on

you can find the heating guide on the


cricut website





absolutely love the way this throw

blanket turned out it looks

professionally made and it made this

guest bedroom look more cozy with having

something so big monogrammed making

custom throw blankets is an amazing way

to start your small business especially

now that the holidays are approaching

and many people will be searching for

gifts i have a beautiful and precious

newborn baby cousin that was born this

month you guys i wanted to create

personalized items for her because when

i had my girls i loved seeing their

names everywhere seeing their names on

things makes me so happy so i wanted to

do this for her her name is tanya i’m

going to put her name on a newborn hat

car neck pillow baby blanket and a





my heart is so happy these turned out

absolutely adorable you guys if you’re

looking into getting in a custom baby

clothes small business this would be

another amazing opportunity for you to

make money right from home this

concludes today’s video i hope you all

enjoyed and found inspiration and

motivation to start your very own small

business if you’ve been thinking about

starting a business or have wanted to

improve your business i hope that this

video gave you the encouragement and

push you needed these are all ideas to

help you get started making money right

from home the qriket maker 3 is such an

amazing product and i highly recommend

it you can create so many beautiful

personalized items with this machine

make sure to check out the description

box i’ll leave a direct link to purchase

your very own a huge thank you to qriket

for sponsoring today’s video and thank

you guys for being here i’ll talk to you

all in my next video have an amazing day

and take care




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