hello and welcome to los angeles sunny

los angeles i’m at my good friend uh

eric and patrick’s house they are

in europe they’re in croatia i think i

don’t know exactly where they’re going

but they’re gone in europe for the next

two weeks i’ve been here for about a

week now i’m staying at their house i’m

basically working in la and staying at

their beautiful home up in the hills of

los angeles it’s been honestly so

delightful i just come out here

in their backyard drink my matcha every

morning i feel like i’ve said this a few

times before but i live in chicago but

after college i lived out in los angeles

for five years so i have a ton of

clients out in la

and every now and then well not every

now and then like every other month

probably i book a bunch of jobs in a row

and then i come out to la

and do those jobs it’s honestly super


but i like to cram as much as i can

while i’m out here

because then it makes my trip worth it

so today is saturday i am prepping today

and tomorrow for a job at a beverly

hills hotel we’re shooting a hotel that

is trying to just update their images

for their websites and they brought me

in to kind of give it some

life add in some lifestyle elements some

florals just make the photos look really

pretty and elevated so what i’m super

excited about for this job is that

they have really cool style and they


really unique items which means that i

get to go to some of my favorite home

stores out here

in la and if you’ve watched any of my

previous videos i talked about my

favorite store in la of all time nikki


we’re going there we’re going to a few

other spots that just have really cool

home decor so i thought i’d film this

because i feel like i talk about

these stores a lot and

why do they have bubbles you know

i’ve never really done one of these

types of videos i feel like i’m usually

just sitting

i’m trying to like break out of just

filming in my office talking about

interiors like why not

take you along

for some jobs or whatever i can show you

i guess all right let’s get started

let’s go

home decor shopping in los angeles

with me

come along

something’s up in the trees all right

let’s go



my first stop is pop-up home right here

i’ve never been i think it’s a lot of

vintage and resale stuff i’m hoping the

pricing isn’t terrible we have a pretty

decent budget but i can’t spend like

hundreds of dollars on a vase but i do

want a few cool unique items so

um i guess let’s check out

papa palm

okay this place is already really cool

but i can tell it’s going to be



oh my god this stuff is so cool though

like how much is this cup okay how much

would you guess this cup is

i thought

it’s a price at 48.


the hardest thing about shopping for

props for a job is that you want to give

them really nice high quality stuff

but they don’t always have the budget

for it so most of the time i like to

rent through prop houses but

this client just made it very clear that

they wanted really cool items so i’m

getting less stuff but it’s better

quality you know working out in la is


just so different than any other city

that i work in there’s just so much more

to source from so many more home stores

i mean compared to new york it probably

has just as good of stores as new york

does or vice versa but i like working in

la so much more because i get a car

i literally have a giant suv where i can

put all my props in whereas in new york

you have to messenger everything you

don’t have a car or if you do the

parking is terrible so i

much more prefer working out in l.a i

also lived here so i like know where

things are um chicago i’m still kind of

discovering i’m somewhat new to prop

selling out there so i don’t know where

like all the like hidden gems are but i

like working out in la

it’s where i started you know also i

have a ton of friends who live out in

l.a oh my god this is so strong now

check it out we’re at nikki kehoe the um

store i’m constantly talking about they

actually moved locations if you watch

any of my previous videos i feel like i

constantly am talking about nikki kiho i

would say they’re like my main source of

inspiration so


it’s gonna be a little pricey so i’m

hoping to get like a few items but let

me let me show you inside because

i love it


i’m done with nikki kehoe and now i’m

going into this place called maison midi

and you can get lunch there and they

also have like a bunch of really fun

colorful dishware so i love

i don’t know i love all their dishware

that’s it so i’m going there and it’s

right it’s connected to american rag if

you’re ever in la

stop by american rag it’s like a mix of

vintage clothing and new stuff and it’s

just a good

good little shop so we’re gonna go into

maison midi it’s my last stop of the day

we’re really

cutting it close on budget my assistant

has been outsourcing all day

and we’ve just been

shopping and spending a lot of money so

this is my last stop



good morning

it’s the next day

i’m in my robe

i’m drinking my matcha i thought we

would go through

some of the stuff i bought yesterday


it’s not everything for the shoot but

it’s the nicer items that i got for it

we also rented a bunch of stuff

from a prop house and bought some other

things but these are the cool items that

i bought um yesterday with you

which you just watched so


okay first thing i got is this little



thing it was kind of pricey but it felt

worth it to me to have like a cute

little plant to put on the nightside

table remember we’re at a hotel so it

can’t be like


weird of stuff almost like things you

might find at like a cool hotel so yes

this plant

i got this little

wood bowl from pop-up home again another


just trinket to stick in the shot if

you’re in la go to pop-up home it’s all

like vintage and resale this was 55

bucks so a little pricey but

it’s cool

it’ll be nice for the shoe all right

this is another little

trinket thing i got from papa palm for

the side table or a desk or

i don’t know

oh i didn’t even look at the price of

this this is 82 bucks probably wouldn’t

have gotten that it’s cute though it’s

like a little

i don’t know

it’s an artifact and then lastly from

pop-up home

i got all these really cool vintage

magazines well i don’t know if they’re

vintage but they’re called art form


they’re just like cool

magazines for your coffee table

i don’t know i like the like size of

them and the look of them and i thought

they might

come in handy has like a little prop

maybe it like sits on the bed maybe

you’re reading a magazine that’s it for

pop-up home i mean i think i spent like

300 there only on that stuff so


now let’s open it feels like christmas

morning and this stuff is not for me but

nikki kehoe

you know you know

okay first i got these cute little


e looking wine glasses we’re shooting at

the bar


i thought that could be nice i don’t

know just cute cute glassware frenchy

feeling cute glassware i personally

would use these i think these are really



little plate was thinking it could be

used in a bathroom with like a bar of

soap or maybe it’s on like a table with

some jewelry i don’t know nikki kehoe

just cool things


this green

bowl maybe we put a few orange

clementines inside mickey kehoe

if you’re in l.a ever go to nikki keto

and then lastly from nikki kehoe

as you saw in the video i got these

linens which i thought were nice like

you maybe it could be on like a dining

table it could be a bathroom linen

they’re just very pretty and really nice

quality linens so

that’s it for nikki kido

normally i get a lot more props but

because these were so pricey there’s not

that many there are a ton that we got


from the prop house but these ones i

bought there’s just not that many okay


maison midi the place that’s connected

to american rag i don’t really love like

all of their stuff i mainly just go

there for their dishware because there’s

so many cool colorful options but

let me show you what i got

some chartreuse

linens again for like on a tray

or wherever i like to have options this

color is really good i got

these really cool wine glasses i’m super

excited about these

it’s like every time i hold up a glass

apparently i have to pretend to drink

out of it but i got like four of these

and then these were on sale just like

little general glasses

you never know you know i just want to

have like a good amount of props to

choose from so oh and then i got these

i’m super excited about just like a

really cool color these are like 13

bucks a glass

and then last but not least

not that exciting but a craft

bedside tablecraft pool


you know and that’s it i know it’s not

that much stuff but

hopefully you enjoyed coming around la

to some of my favorite stores i

definitely have more

stores that i could take you to but

these were the ones that were really a

fit for this uh particular job so

that’s it

shopping around la i swear i feel like

this video made my job look very easy

like i just shop

but let me tell you there’s a ton

of stuff that we have to get you always

want to have options for the client so

like if she if the client doesn’t like

this glass like at least i have another

option for them to choose from so yeah

that’s it i feel really prepared for the

shoot tomorrow we got our expensive

stuff we got our props we rented and

today i’m gonna run out to like home

goods and target to get a few more

smaller things

that don’t break

the bank like this 85 thing i really

feel like i didn’t know it was 85

well anyways i’m gonna go get changed

and head to homegoods for next week a

lot of people have been requesting for

me to review

the new like motel show on netflix so

maybe it’s that

maybe i’ll film another like vlog type

video these vlogs are very new to me i

don’t really

know if like you like them so give me

your feedback in the comments do you

want more of this stuff or should we go

back to like talking about interiors fun

thing about youtube is you can do


you want i’ll see you next week enjoy

your day your weekend your morning

whenever you’re watching this and i’ll

see ya

next sunday



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