hey everyone welcome back to my channel

my name is kristen and today i wanted to

bring you guys along with me

thrifting so that we can see what we can

find in stores

maybe we’ll give you guys some ideas on

what you can look for at the thrift


or maybe just inspire you to check out

the thrift store in general

it’s always a really great place to find


unique things and if you’re working on a

room makeover and you want to cut costs

this is always the best way to do it i’m

also bringing

a bunch of stuff to donate because if

i’m going to potentially buy more things

i want to get rid of some stuff at the

same time i’m going to be checking out a

few different thrift stores today in

different locations that’s usually how i

do it

so if you guys enjoy watching and like

coming along shopping with me

make sure you give this video a big

thumbs up and hit that like button let’s

go ahead and get to the store


so first stop is value village i just

dropped off

some of my stuff and they gave me a 20

off coupon so if you go shopping the

same day you donate

you can get stuff even cheaper

all right i’m headed right inside to one

of my favorite sections

the framed art section i love looking

here for some vintage gold frames like


you have to keep an open mind when

you’re looking at the frames here

because sometimes the art inside can be

distracting and it makes you not like it

but these four frames right here are

absolutely perfect

you can get your own digital downloads

you can get your own print elsewhere

put them inside these gorgeous frames

and you’ll end up with some art that

looks beautiful without costing a ton of


never skip by the vas section at the

thrift store

i love finding big substantial pieces

like this that

might not be your favorite color but

think about refinishing them

painting them look at the shape look at

the style but

look past the color and finish because

that’s something that can definitely


the prices here are obviously amazing

and as long as you have

kind of an idea of what you can turn

them into it’s always a good place to



i absolutely love these candle holders

they’re 1.99

each and i just love the shape of them

there’s so many different candle holders

in here

little trinkets even something like this

is so nice

to hold jewelry anything really small

maybe even use as a little soap dish

i really like to take my time in here

and kind of go through each individual


look past things pick things up and


see the potential of each item


let me know down below in the comments

if you have a similar area of your

thrift store that looks like this

this is kind of this convenient area

where multiples or similar items are

grouped together in these bags

and sold for three dollars it’s so

convenient you can find

jars door handles hardware there’s


really great stuff over on that wall


i love checking out this glass and

dishware section because

these items are really great for

organizing if you don’t want to use a

lot of plastic items you want

more high-end glass pieces to organize

maybe q-tips

and bobby pins small items this area is

a great place to look

this nice little glass dish is just 1.99

there’s little spice canisters for 1.99

so keep your eye out for these little

pieces with these lids they’re perfect

for organizing and decorating your space

look what someone donated these are the

cloud lights that i used

in my niece’s bedroom makeover these

were so cute on her wall let me know

down below if you guys remember that


but they have them here for 2.99 and i

got them for 12



okay this hardware is probably one of my

favorite things i’ve seen so far in here

look how beautiful this door knocker is


it’s super heavy feels really high


this is why sometimes going to the

thrift store beats going to any other

place you’ll find

super unique beautiful one-of-a-kind


and this would just make your door look

stunning i can’t even get over these

door handles

i always check out the baskets every

time i’m here these ones are really good

because you can fit them inside of


and organize your space at a really

great price


now over to the furniture section this


is totally lacking right now to be

honest there’s a sign outside that says

you can’t drop things off that take more

than two people to carry

i guess because of you know social


so there’s not as many big items here so

i’m skipping past all that really

heading to the lamp section because i

always find good lamps at the thrift


that still work as long as you test them

out at the little testing station

you’re good to go i’m always looking for

lamps that have potential things that

you could even

spray paint to be a different finish i

end up finding

this amazing wall sconce that’s actually

a plug-in wall sconce

i think this would look really cool

spray painted and it’s only 4.99

am i the only one looking at these

placemats thinking

this could be a jute rug i look at these


and think let’s glue them together turn

it into a cool rug

these look perfect they’re in great

condition and the little pack of two is

2.99 each


so i picked up some great things from

this thrift store but now moving on

to the second one this one’s called

mission thrift store

and this place is amazing

for furniture the first one was lacking


this one has it all and i swear you

could furnish your entire house in here

like how exciting the prices are

amazing and there’s so much to choose


there are so many round tables here as

well and i was just looking for a round

table like

last week and bought a brand new one so

kind of kicking myself now because look

at all these great options

this glass and rattan table was

50 how amazing is that i love that table

all of these wood ones are perfect

tables to paint

or stain or you know change the finish


i used to have a table like this and i

painted all the chairs

painted the table white and it gave it a

brand new look

so if you’re looking for new furniture

if you’re a first time home buyer

if you’re someone on a tight budget

check out thrift stores like this that


all of this furniture because these

pieces are absolutely perfect

forty dollars for this glass coffee

table it’s stunning


there’s so many amazing furniture pieces

in here that might just need to be

reupholstered they look in perfect


maybe just switch a few elements out but

this couch is one of my favorites and

it’s only eighty dollars

eighty dollars for a fancy beautiful

couch that’s unbeatable

that’s incredible i love that it has

just one cushion along

the bottom that really modernizes it and

even like a wing back chair like this

this is classic it’s traditional

obviously the fabric needs to go it’s a

little out there

but it just needs to be reupholstered if

you’re ready for a project

these things would be perfect this is

the sleeper sofa

for a hundred dollars like that’s



i can’t believe i’ve never been to this

store before there is so much amazing


this bed is just so up my alley i think

this is such a beautiful twin bed

solid wood you could paint it it would

look amazing black it would look amazing


in light colors it’s seventy dollars

and i just think this is a timeless

beautiful piece

i also found a toddler car bed and you

know these can be pretty expensive in


this bed is twenty dollars wow they also

have a huge selection of bookcases

and these are perfect for painting and

turning them into

built-in units you can start with them

as bases and kind of build around them

and it will save you

so much money this one right here is


stunning i would buy this in a second if

i had somewhere to put it

i would paint it i would change the


how stunning is it it’s amazing i love

the paneling on the back

the details wow something like this

would be so cute in a dining room

painted white

having some nice dishes inside it’s so



okay i think i skipped over the rugs too

quickly because i’m

kind of liking the one in the middle at

the bottom here

now that i see it but i wish i rolled it

out to see what it really looked like

they also had this nice selection of

curtain rods and this is always a great

way to save money

if you’re making over a space find

thrifted things like this that could


a lot more elsewhere and find it at the

thrift store


when you’re thrifting also check out

their book selection and see if you can

find some good hardcover books

to style shelves this whole huge book is

a dollar fifty it’s actually a recipe

book look at the old book section

these ones are 50 cents and you can get

a pile of them

to really fill up your bookcases and

style your home


i am so glad i checked out multiple

locations today

this one was amazing let’s head home and

i’ll show you guys what i got

i would consider this quite the

successful thrifting day

you definitely have to hop around to

different locations because some stores


nothing and then some stores have it all

so definitely check out different areas

that always helps

when you’re spending your day thrifting

but i’ll show you guys

what i got first unique piece i just

love finding lighting at the thrift


this sconce was 4.99

and i love this because it’s actually a

plug-in scott so i don’t have to do

any hard wiring you pretty much just

screw it into the wall

i think this would look really nice

spray painted like

black or even just a different tone of

gold it is a fully functioning wall

sconce there’s literally nothing wrong

with it you can use

whatever kind of light bulb you want you

can have a really big one

maybe even an edison bulb to make it

really stylish

i love that it can sit like this and

then go

and fully extend so don’t look past the

lighting section if you’re going


check out all the lamps all the light

fixtures because you can get a really

good deal there

and add some new lighting to your home

another thing i picked up

was this huge voice and

you know i actually really like this

color i think this is really cool

but i bought it for the shape and the

size of it

i could see painting this or spray

painting this even using something like

this like a spray paint

limestone finish so it looks a little

bit more organic

and less shiny and green this is

definitely being used in an upcoming

makeover i’m so excited i love that it’s

substantial and big

so if you’re looking for something

similar maybe want to do a diy project

on a big vase like this

you can look past the color look past

the finish of it because you can

change that up refinish it and it no

longer has to be green all right another

thing from the glass department was this

jar and

jars are always something that are

perfect to get from the thrift store

you can clean them up you can use them


for organizing for decorating

i think they’re really really functional

so i got this jar with this lid

for 3.99 and i think this would be


nice for either like a very classic

cookie jar i feel like it has the

perfect shape for that

or using something like this for like my

tide pods

my dryer balls things like that i also

picked up

these two candle holders and i think

these are so pretty the

wood tone of them is exactly what i was

looking for for this next makeover it


different wood finishes that i have

going on in the space so these are gonna


perfectly and they were 199 each so you

can just put your little stick

handles in there and look how cute that

looks i love the shape of these has a

really classic look to it

and i could just see these styles on a


a console table a dining room table they

just look so

classic and elegant and traditional you

could also

paint these because they are wood you

can pretty much paint anything from the

thrift store but these would be really

nice even painted black

or a really pale pastel color

how cute would that be i also picked up

these two wooden bowls and

this one was a dollar and this one was

three dollars and i think again

these are perfect for decorating for


for even just eating it you can put


nuts in here little snacks use them as

jewelry holders

use them in your junk drawers to

organize small things

or use them for styling shelving so

don’t look past the small things like

this you can definitely use them around

your home

and get them at a really really great

price if you’ve been following my

channel for a while you know this is

always something i suggest picking up

from the thrift store

and that is a basket because the baskets

at the thrift store are very very


and there’s always really unique styles

so i think you can never have enough


you can use them for everything storage


decorating moving things around the


i just love having them on hand so this

one was four dollars and i really like

the shape of it matches my candlesticks

so i could see these happening in the

same space so if you see baskets like

this the next time you’re at your thrift

store i highly recommend picking them up

they’re decorative they’re functional


there’s a million reasons to use a

basket all right and the last few things

i picked up from the thrift store were


children’s books and i picked these up

for my niece and nephews

they always are looking for new books

and these ones were

50 cents so you can’t beat that i got a

mickey book

a cinderella book thomas the tank engine

and another mickey book and they’re all

hardcover books alright so that’s it for

today’s video i hope you guys enjoyed

coming along

thrifting with me today and seeing

what’s in stores

i hope it gave you some inspiration to

take on some diy projects

buy thrifted furniture reimagine some

pieces it’s always one of my favorite

places to go for inspiration

and saving money let me know down below

in the comments what your favorite piece

from today’s video was

was it anything i picked up was it

anything that you saw in stores

let me know down below if you enjoyed

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love you guys so much and i’ll see you

in my next one



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