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and today i’m taking you along with me

to h m home so we can check out all of

their new

home decor for this summer i know a lot

of people don’t even realize that h

m has a home section so i love bringing

you guys along

and showing you all the pieces the

quality of everything

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and let’s go ahead and head to h m i’m

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tricks with you to help

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affordable home decor styling tips

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let’s make our homes look and feel their



h m home is my kind of paradise i love

this store

i’m so happy that it exists if you

want to look up if there’s a location

near you i will put all the locations

down below in the description box if

there isn’t

a location near you you can shop online

on their website for all these pieces

and even more there’s more selection

online but i’m taking you in stores so

you guys can kind of

get a feel for all the products in

person sometimes it’s kind of hard to

get a feel for everything and the scale

of the products online so

i love going in stores but i would

compare the prices in here

to kind of like the prices of their

clothing they have

trendy modern pretty good quality

clothing items and i would say the home

decor section is pretty much the same so

it’s not super expensive it’s not super

cheap you’re in this good

in between spot so let’s check

everything out

i love how much selection they have in

stores so many pillow covers

and inserts so you can find the right


insert for your pillow covers and kind

of switch up the style

every season

a good rule of thumb for pillow covers

is size down on your pillow cover and


up on your pillow insert that will give

any pillow a more high-end look

and make it look really plush and




i’m always super drawn to anything

that’s woven these are just

a simple vase but with the woven texture

over top it just

adds such a nice design element this

wall here

is super cute if you’re into a more boho

style they have a lot of

rattan products like this mirror this is

sixty dollars it’s a really beautiful

wall mirror and something you can kind

of layer into different art pieces

i actually really love their poster

selection here they don’t have a huge

selection of posters

but they do have really cute ones so

this is

17.99 you can put it inside of the

frames that they have here as well

there’s a bunch of different finishes to

pick from you can pick your different

size they have

matting already in them so they have

these really beautiful kind of

line drawing posters this poster here is

on sale i think they’ve had this design

out for a while now it’s a little bit

more moody but it’s marked down to 10.99

so there is a bunch of stuff in here



is marked down on sale i guess with the

change of season i

really love this little poster it’s


it’s something that i think you could

easily diy

and kind of mimic but i love the

simplicity of it and i think it would

just add

a nice touch to any wall or even a nice

addition to any gallery wall


i feel like they kind of set you up for

success here they give you

good poster options with the size that


with the frame so you can go and pick

whatever color frame you want but you

know that it’s going to fit

and work perfectly so that’s really easy


and it just takes away all the stress of


figuring all that out


this little setup here just has summer

written all over it

i love these terra cotta pots i don’t

know what it is about them they look

weathered but really simple and classic

they are so beautiful for probably

inside and outside

the larger one is 17.99 and the smaller


is 5.99 so you can just get a bunch of

those and kind of layer them up together

put plants in them oh it could just look

so pretty i also love some hanging

baskets and these little rattan ones are

so cute anything that’s hanging from a


hanging from a wall just gives so much

detail and like

this whimsical feeling to your space so

they definitely have stuff like that




i think if you find home decor shopping

a little overwhelming

you would like this store because they

kind of group things together

that work together so if you want to

play it safe you can just shop from one

whole section and you just know it’s

gonna look good together

look at all these colors the blue the

rattan together

it looks so summery and so beautiful

and they even have like table setups and

everything so you can see what it’s

going to look like

in that setting i love all of this stuff

and definitely need to pick some of it

up for my new outdoor space

let me know down below in the comments

if you are also a mug person

i have to stop myself from buying mugs

because i could just go wild

i love this one it’s so cute

and weathered and just looks like it has


and these oh my gosh with a little heart


i don’t know what it is it’s the coffee

it’s the coziness it’s

all the feels that mugs give me and they

have great mug selection here

i love these ones as well they look

super like classic and kind of cottagey

so let me know down below if you’re

anything like me


i would say if you’re looking for new

dishes or even like specialty

cups and glasses like something like

this h

m home would be a good place to look

they just have really cool

styles and finishes that would just add

a ton of detail to your table or even

your kitchen

so check it out for sure i love their

cutlery here as well they always have

really nice finishes

these are two types of gold cutlery


a nice kind of matte gold and then they

also have the shiny gold

it comes in a pack of three and it’s

12.99 so that’s only for one set so i


think that’s a little pricey

i’d rather look for a pack that has a

whole set inside but if you’re looking

for some special stylish

dishware i would say this is the place

to go


they have a cute little selection of

knobs here so if you want to change up

the knobs on your dresser or your

kitchen cabinets you can get some from

here as well

these are really detailed and beautiful

a wood knob

they also have the marble and gold so


oh here’s some really great stylish


if you have cubbies or any kind of open

shelving that looks cluttered

i would put everything in a basket like

this and it will clean up the look of

your space

wow this section is completely new this

is the diane firstenberg collab with h

m and if you don’t know who she is i’m

pretty sure she’s the woman that created

the wrap dress

so she’s very in style fashionista

and this is such a cool line it’s very


very bold she has dishes and vases

and pillow covers so many cool pieces

in this collab


every time i come to h m home i always


some new rugs i love their rugs here

they look really well made and they’re

always really beautiful woven textures

this one is on sale for 37.99 and

it seems to be a great size for like a

front door

you could layer a rug over top maybe

your welcome rug

you could leave it on its own it kind of

brings in that

burnt fall color which is really pretty

but they have great rug selection so

this is their little rug wall

i always get drawn towards this one it

just looks

so comfortable and plush it’s 69.99 i

also see some round

jute rugs and this really cute kids rug

i love the rainbow pattern the little

tassels on the end

and underneath it has this kind of slip

proof finish so it’s kind of rubbery and

grips the floor


now on to the bathroom section i love

that they have pretty much

everything you need for your bathroom

these are shower curtains

and they have this nice waffle finish

love that makes it look a little bit

more high-end kind of like

fabric and all these different towels

this is a nice

kind of turkish towel kind of looks like

a blanket

so i really love it for that reason and

these super soft

plush towels these are obviously very

simple but it’s just in the little

details that makes a really big


i love that really thick edge on the end




now onto the bedroom section i love that

there’s actually a bed in here that you

can kind of put pillows and blankets on

and see what it’s all going to look like

they have beautiful fabrics here i guess

because h

m you know started as a clothing store

they just have the fabric

down all of these gorgeous materials

all these beautiful throw blankets i

love the texture they all give

they are a little bit more expensive

than my liking

but if you’re looking for a good throw

blanket then these are perfect

i love any blanket that has like a nice

tassel finish when you lay it over the

edge of your bed you get

kind of a more detailed look it just

adds something to your bed so

if you’re looking for throw blankets for


your bed i would look for one with


i’m very happy to see that they have a

lot more curtain selection here

these are super heavy blackout curtains

that look like linen curtains they are

pretty pricey

129 for the set these ones here are a

lot more affordable

they’re they’re more standard size and

they come in different colors so this is

a pack of two for 24.99

which in my opinion is a steal i would

get something

like that for the curtains around my

home they have them in white

and they also have extended versions

that are like

ultra long they have tie top curtains if

you like that style

and these are the long ones here so if

you have an extra high ceiling or you

want to raise your curtain rod

up a bit these would be the ones to get

let’s finish it off with one of my

favorite sections here at h m home

the kids section they do such a good job

at kids products the colors they use are


always on trend very muted but colorful

at the same time i love this little

hanging piece it’s 24. this is such a

simple pillow that you could literally

throw into

any room and it’s pretty gender neutral

and they make the cutest lunchboxes i’ve

ever seen

this is an ice cream truck lunch box how

cute is that

they also have a rainbow lunchbox and

a whale lunchbox so it’s perfect for the

back to school season

i love that all the products in the kids

section are not

too colorful and bright they’re actually

pieces that i think

adults would like as well and i think

they would integrate really well into

the rest of your home so

if there was toys and little things

laying around it wouldn’t look

crazy it would actually kind of work

with a neutral home

so i definitely think if you have kids

if you’re shopping for any kids or doing

any kind of

nursery or kids room makeover you

definitely need to shop some items from


all right so that’s it for today’s h m

shopping i hope you guys enjoyed coming

along with me

let me know down below in the comments

which decor piece is something that you

would get for your home

i love all of their dishware i think it

just looks so

high-end so beautiful and handmade

and their kids section is amazing if

you’re doing any kind of nursery


or kids room makeover definitely check

out the stuff from h

m home i think you could find a rug

decor pieces baskets little toys that

would be perfect

for a kid’s space so i hope you guys

found this helpful

seeing around the stores checking out

the prices and feeling the quality with

me so if you enjoyed watching and found

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love you guys so much and i’ll see you

in my next one bye


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