hello everyone my name is kiva and i

teach people how to achieve the luxe

look for left that means today we’re

headed to five below and dollar tree for

some more luxury fine these are all

pieces that i’ve integrated into my

everyday life that keep me organized and

keep me in a house that looks super

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and as always i do luxury items or new

luxury items that are new to me maybe

your dollar tree has them but my dollar

tree does not i first want to start with

these hangers so these aren’t just

normal hangers guys i’m not just showing

you hangers these are you know utility

hangers so you’re using them for

different things this is a belt hanger

this is a jewelry hanger this is a scarf

hanger these are amazing because you can

use them to hang up all these things i

don’t know about you but sometimes these

things end up on the bottom of my floor

or just shoved in a drawer which is not

great you know you spend all this money

on this nice jewelry nice scribes you

want to keep them nice and organized i’m

actually really excited about this

jewelry hanger let’s see how well it

works here

okay wait so they have one just for

earrings so i have a hearing yeah i have

earrings here look at me i came prepared

and you just stick it on there like that

and it will sit just like this and you

are good to go it’s a really good way to

keep track of your earrings i always

struggle with that you guys know i love

jewelry i don’t have earrings in today

because i couldn’t find a matching pair

because i didn’t have this i’m

definitely going to pick this i mean i’m

definitely going to put this use as well

as the scarf hanger now when it comes to


the bell hanger now i don’t wear belts

because i don’t like i might like

women’s pants all the time they don’t

have a loop so i don’t wear belts but i

am going to find another use for this

maybe for like keys or like dog related

things and it’s going to be super useful

especially for a dollar the next luxury

item from dollar tree is this photo

frame so they’re actually two photo

frames they’re two different styles this

is the square frame and then this is the

rectangular frame and i think they look

so luxe and high end they still have the

plastic on them

they are a little dusty out of the

package but this is what they look like

freshly out of the package um and i

really like that they have this really

nice square opening you see this all the

time in luxury stores what i’d probably

use this for is i’d use it on a

sideboard we’re actually going to use

them on our nightstands because i think

nightstands are a really nice way to

bring like a homey touch so we love

decor here we love that stuff but

sometimes it’s nice to have a little

family photo by your bed so you’re

thinking about the fam your family and

your loved ones right before you go to

sleep but if that’s not your jam

elizabeth sanson if you’re not familiar

with her you need to go check out her

channel she actually did a really cool

diy art in here i think she did that

normal like spackle art that we talk

about all the time she put it in here

and it looked so nice and locks

now we’re popping over to five below

five below has blown me out of the water

i went to a brand new five below if

you’re here in pittsburgh ask me about

the best dollar trees and five belows

because i’ll tell you where they are but

they had this woven shelf which i think

is so lux-looking woven shelves are so

expensive i mean look at this for five

dollars and you’re saying this is a

small shelf yes but in a bathroom this

would look divine if you are modern

organic or you’re bohemian even if

you’re transitional this is perfect for

you you can put this above your toilet

you can add some plants you can add some

decorative bottles some vases and you

can even lean maybe like your artwork up

there maybe something like this not with

these colors but something to this

effect that will really be a nice way to

add a ledge in the bathroom plus this is

actually kind of easier to clean now

wicker in general is hard to clean but

everything is going to kind of like fall

through the cracks here as opposed to

like those acrylic shelves and stuff

like that you can see the dust sitting

right on top of it but this it doesn’t

look like that’s gonna be a problem and


it’s super nice and rigid you see me

trying to bend it here for five five

dollars you can’t beat this price five

below also had this faux leather wall

shelf also five dollars these leather

straps are so cute um this looks like

something that like ikea would make but

it would fall apart but this look

actually looks fairly durable the

packaging is great it is 18 inches long

again this is the perfect size for a

powder room this could also be nice if

you have like a you don’t want a

nightstand you don’t have space for that

but you want a little bit of storage

beside your bed you can put this

probably on either side of your bed you

can do two tiers of them and that will

look really nice add led lights on the

bottom and it’ll look so contemporary

and sleek and another good thing about

this is you can actually restain this

shelf so you can make it any color you

want you can make it black you can make

it anything and the dollar tree actually

has minwax stain now or not minwax

rust-oleum stain so you can get that

really nice high-quality stain from the

dollar tree and then head over to five

below stain the shelf and get something

that looks super sophisticated by below

also had this adjustable artboard it is

a solid wood artboard again this is

pretty much like an easel but i got it

again because i think this is great for

cookbooks in the kitchen you can see i’m

in the kitchen now and sometimes it’s

nice to maybe just put something over

here like this so that you can look your

cookbooks because there’s nothing worse

than having to like push down the spine

of your cookbook kind of ruining the

spine there the pages are flipping

through you can just have it sitting up

nice like this you can also use this on

a bookshelf or a console if you want to

display things a little bit better

and you don’t have a way to make them

sit up straight directly and again this

is solid wood so you can stain this any

color you want black dark brown gray

this stuff is super customizable which

is exactly why i love five below and

dollar tree because it’s so cheap they

don’t really go that extra mile which

means you can stain things and really

customize them so i absolutely love this

i’m gonna put this use asap and plus

it’s only five dollars a cookbook saying

elsewhere is at least eight dollars but

for something of this size it might be

fifteen to twenty dollars

the next five below item is not actually

five dollars so five below has like

their five below plus section if you

will don’t really know what it’s called

but i found this amazing computer desk i

believe it was ten dollars it is a desk

riser um or just like a computer stand

so that there is some space between um

you know the the keyboard and the desk

or the monitor in the desk it just rises

everything up so it gives you a little

bit extra storage space but what i

really like about this is it actually

comes with

a usb cord so it has a little hub here

let’s find it right there you can see

there’s all those usb ports so you don’t

have to worry about cord management as

much you can actually just hide

everything under here and plug

everything in from this one port so you

can have your phone your ipad everything

you need all in one place which is a

really good for productivity i know a

lot of us are still working from home so

something like this for only ten dollars

is a steal

now we’re popping back over to the

dollar tree i love that we’re going back

and forth because you’re splurging a

little bit at five below and then you’re

coming back to that that dollar price at

the dollar tree we’re talking about

these self-adhesive tiles now of course

dollar tree has these

peel and stick back splashes and they

don’t look very good but i did bring one

in because i wanted to say that if you

wanted to jazz this up a little bit put

some grout on it to make it look a

little bit more realistic and then you

can really sell people on this but

this one is actually great because it is

a foil tile so it actually looks really

nice and high and it has depth it’s not

too malleable and what you can do for

this is actually use this on your

backsplash babe and i did this

we first moved into our home

and when we were starting our diy

journey we did this

you can go back and look at the video

i’ll link it right here if you really

want to see it and it actually looks

quite nice it depends on your design


style but i would use this maybe in a

powder room if you want a really bold

accent wall but you don’t want to paint

the wall or your renter or something

like that another thing i would use this

for is artwork because actually tiled

foil tiled artwork is super popular but

it’s also really expensive so you could

literally just get a piece of plywood

and stick this to it and create a really

large piece of art for yourself for only

a dollar for this huge panel so with 12

of these you could go really far and

have a really nice unique piece of art i

love these silicon lids from the dollar

tree you get three for a dollar and

these are great because again we’ve been

talking about sustainability a lot in

the comments here on youtube and this is

one of the things that helps you a

little bit more sustainable instead of

using so much aluminum foil or plastic

wrap you can actually just use these

silicone um

silicone i can’t find the word stretch

lids on top of your normal bowls your

metal bowls your glass bowls whatever to

cover up your food so you don’t have to

be so wasteful about it and these are

reusable they’re durable they’re bpa

free and i believe you can actually put

them yes they are dishwasher safe which

is incredible they’re even microwave

safe and oven safe up to 450 degrees i

actually feel like that’s really good so

these are really phenomenal

they’re not really luxurious they’re

just like a good thing to find and i’m

all about telling you about the really

good dollar tree and five below fines

now this has to be my absolute favorite

find of today’s video it is this modern

wall light from five below so it’s super

modern and this was i think it was in

the five below plus area so it might

have been ten dollars or eight dollars

or something to that effect but it looks

really good it looks really really good

for the price um it comes with a usb

cord you have to have your own like butt

but that’s okay it has a white cord and

it has this like faux wooden base it’s

definitely plastic with some type of

veneer on it but it has this really nice

modern shape so you see this shape all

the time in scandinavian homes and

contemporary homes so this is a really

nice way to add curvature super

affordably and it gives off a really

great led light and led light is great i

would use this on nightstands on a

sideboard maybe even in like a bookshelf

styling or something like that if i

needed to add some light and i didn’t

want to like you know build up on the

decorative accents this is very

sculptural plus it has some utility

which is the absolute best of both

worlds you could even use this on as

like nightstand lamps if you are working

with smaller nightstands

now this makes me so very happy this is

a ice tray and you’re like an ice tray


i don’t know about you but when you go

to a restaurant do you judge them based

on the type of ice they offer you you

know chick-fil-a has their famous ice

sonic has their favorite famous ice i

said restaurants and i’m talking about

fast food restaurants but restaurants in

general the type of ice really matters

when you go to someone’s house and have

really good ice you remember what i

might even do is actually use for coffee

so as so that you don’t dilute your

coffee you can make some coffee pour it

in here freeze them and then you can use

them in your iced coffee um and so you

can have a really good cup of coffee

because we’re all about saving money

drinking coffee in the house instead of

going to starbucks okay guys we’re not

going to starbucks every day of the week

now that we can leave our homes we’re

not doing that okay so for a dollar you

can’t be the price they have so many

different sizes they even have those

sphere ice molds that you use for

whiskey or something like that again we

don’t drink here so you’re going to do

something like this for coffee or iced

tea or whatever beverage you drink most


and while this is an interior designs

channel it’s also called a diy with kb

so i do want to put you on to

the um

the screwdrivers that they do have at

the dollar tree they’re phenomenal

they’re a dollar and they come with all

the different heads that you need you

have the fill ups you have the square

tip you have everything um and i love

this one i keep this in my car and so

when i’m out and about i find a good

piece of furniture it’s too big for the

car i can break it down bring it home

take advantage of that deal i’ve used


this so many times i tell you guys i was

in value city furniture i found a

caterer bowling but the frame was broken

so i got this i unscrewed the frame and

brought the canvas home and i’m gonna

have it reframed in the most beautiful

luxurious frame ever and it’s gonna be

so amazing to have his art customized in

that sort of way and that couldn’t have

happened without my dollar tree

screwdriver it doesn’t dull super easily

honestly some of my black and decker

ones have dulled faster

and it’s just something worth picking up

same thing goes for their

smaller tips here and for their allen


you guys also know that part of having

luxurious home is having things that are

level in your home there is nothing

worse than a crooked piece of artwork

you should see me i will stand while i

hang a piece of art and just stare at it

for hours because i want it to be level

but the way that you don’t have to stare

at it for hours is that you can use a

level the dollar tree levels are

actually great they have levels at ikea

they’re a little bit more expensive this

is a dollar

it’s going to do the trick if you don’t

know how to use a level it has all of

these different you know how to use

level you don’t use level um so you just

sit it on there and it will tell you if

something’s perfectly level now again it

can’t change the fact that your floors

might not be level but it can certainly

make sure that your art is level on the


now you guys know that these videos

require a little bit of imagination so

bear with me on this one but this is a

dry erase calendar and we all want

calendars but this one looks like it’s

marble and something that i don’t love

about dry erase boards is that they

always look super boring and you can buy

ones that are already pre-framed but

that can be super expensive so what i

say is go to five below

get this one really nice and cute put

some books on it let it lay down and

then get a piece of plywood and some

extra scrap wood the whole thing in

total should cost you like five dollars

and you can create a framed um white

board like this entirely from five below

and the scrap pieces of home depot or

lowe’s and you’ll get something that

looks elevated it’ll look like a piece

of art more so than a calendar because

calendars don’t have to be an eyesore

but we all need them for our families to

make sure that we know what everyone’s

soccer games are when their ballet class

is at and when you’re gonna have that

amazing dinner on friday night right now

i’m so big on buying things that keep me

productive because productivity is so

important especially when you’re working

from home it’s so easy to be like oh i’m

just gonna go watch tv oh i’m gonna go

do this house project no you gotta sit

down and do your work and a part of that

again is having a really nice clean

workstation and having things that keep

me organized so i love these post-it

notes this is like a post-it calendar

sort of situation it sits right on that

nice desk riser that i also showed you

from five below

it has all the days of the week it has

some places for notes and reminders and

it is a pack of 60 for three dollars and

25 cents and it has this really nice

gold detailing on the side it i don’t

know it’s really nice and cute it

doesn’t take up too much space but it

gets the job done and again it you can

write in whatever the date is so you can

do that yourself so you can use this

forever it’s not like this is a 2021

calendar or anything like that but i

just think this is something really nice

and cute that’s going to make your desk

area look super sophisticated and when

you’re working in a space that looks

good you are doing a good work

okay guys that’s it for today’s video

those were more luxury finds from both

dollar tree and five below it’s not all

back to school stuff they have some

really luxurious high-end items that are

just going to make your life easier and

it’s going to make your home look more

elevated without breaking the bank are

you going to be picking up any of these

items let’s chat about it down in the

comments if you liked today’s video

though please don’t forget to subscribe

like this video and check me out on

instagram and until next time have a

beautiful day



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