hey friends welcome back to my channel

today is a fall decorate with me it’s

going to be full of early fall

decorating ideas as well as farmhouse

decor and vintage finds to help

transition my home from late summer into

early fall

so if you’re like me and love fall but

you’re not quite ready to pull out the

pumpkins yet then i think you’re really

going to enjoy this video i’m going to

be decorating my home to feel cozy and

to get that fall feeling by

incorporating a lot of warm tones and

cozy textures without going full-on



the first space we’re focusing on is the

kitchen i’m bringing out my copper and

brass pieces to add a ton of warmth to

this space i also love how these pieces

reflect the light and just create a

beautiful natural glow


when i saw this wreath i knew it would

be the perfect thing to add to my vent

hood for fall it’s really lightweight so

i was able to just kind of set it up

here on the ledge and last year i found

three smaller wreaths that are the same

color that i’ll be adding to my bar

stools and i think that’ll just tie

everything together really nicely




i found these faux apple stems on amazon

and just loved how natural they looked

so i’m adding them to a crock with some

amber glasses just to create a little

fall vignette here in this corner


next we’re moving on to my open pantry

and i’m just adding some vintage finds

and fall florals i wanted to set up kind

of an apple cider area here in this

corner and i’m also going to use that

diy sign if you remember that i made

last year if you want to see how i made

it i will link that video down below but

i still just love how farmhouse and

vintage this sign looks



weeks and months and years they passed

and i knew it wouldn’t last



and the pain that you’re feeling

gradually fades away because



i wish i could freeze this moment just


i have a couple ideas on how to get that

early fall feeling here on my island and

the first is setting up a little

vignette over by my sink i’m using a

cutting board as kind of my grounding

anchor piece and then a cake stand for

some fall baked goodies and then my

favorite fall florals from target last

season i also found this adorable gold

squirrel at target this year and thought

he was just so cute and would be a

perfect addition to this space



and then i’m just adding some basket and

wood textures on the peg rail on my

island just to help warm up that space


next i’m putting together an early fall

themed tiered tray i have so much fun

with tiered tray decor especially around

the holidays so for early fall i’m using

apples copper and some vintage


weeks vines months and years they passed

and i knew it wouldn’t last



i was having a hard time deciding what

to fill these larger bowls with so i put

up a poll on my instagram and the first

option was adding more apples and the

second was adding some really pretty

greenery and the results came back

pretty much half and half

and then i was out and about and saw

these moss and grapevine balls that i

thought looked even better here so

that’s what i decided to use if you did

vote on that poll let me know what do

you like best the apples the greenery or

what i ultimately decided on these

little moss balls


now on to my coffee bar area the first

thing i did was switch out the sign for

my diy antique sign that i made in my

latest thrift flip video that one will

be linked down below as well i

absolutely love how this sign came out

so if you want to see how i made it make

sure to check that video out



and then on either side of the sign i’m

adding some brass candlesticks and milk

glass bud vases to add some height


and then for the other shelves i’m going

in with my large anchor pieces like

these plates and a basket with dried

hydrangeas and this beautiful copper

canister set and then i’m going in with

some smaller pottery pieces to kind of

add varying heights and adding in some

more warm tones



something i knew





if you watched my fall haul then you saw

these quail that i picked up at a

vintage shop and i thought they just

looked so perfect here on these shelves

and just added a ton of warmth and

definitely fall vibes to this space


i believe these smaller wreaths were

from hearth and hand last season and i

use them here on my bar stools but i

think they look even better now with the

matching one up on my vent hood it just

kind of brings your eyes around and ties

everything in this space together


another vintage find that i picked up

for fall is this gorgeous brass planter

it definitely needed a good clean so i’m

going in with brasso and hopefully i can

bring back some of its original color

and shine


i found these faux florals at michaels

and i’m using floral foam to hold them

in place and i just love how realistic

they look and also how the colors look

against the brass i just thought it was

such a pretty look for a tablescape i

hoped we were gonna make it

he promised we would find the time


creating perfect

memories yeah

we hoped we were gonna make


this table runner is also from target

this season i love the light subtle

colors and this is another piece that

could easily transition into christmas

decor and you know i love finding pieces

that i can use for more than one season


capable of keeping track upon


i’m definitely getting all the cozy fall

feels here in my kitchen and dining room

  Bathroom Decorating Ideas

area now it’s time to move on to the

living room

so for my living room i’m going to be

focusing on using a lot of the same warm

colors that i used in my kitchen and

dining room starting with this end table

i’m using a pitcher with dried wheat and

this gorgeous wood bowl with gold

antlers the wood bowl and antlers are

both from home goods and i just love

them so much they are both pieces that i

could also use for different times of

the year as well which is always a plus


now for this corner i’m layering some

items starting with a wooden ladder and

then going in and adding some coziness

with this pillow i love this beautiful

fall pattern and then next to that

adding in a very textured basket with

some more fall florals


for the shelves on either side of my tv

i’m playing up the gold brass accents

and then also incorporating those soft

muted colors that i’ve been using

throughout the rest of my home some of

the pieces i’m using are new and i will

link whatever i can in the description

box down below but the rest are things

that i picked up either out thrifting or

from a vintage store and if it wasn’t

obvious i love the look of mixing old

and new to create cozy spaces throughout



no home thought i was


own dreams and taking care of you and me




know knew time would take us to a place


all right guys i hope this video gave

you inspiration on ways to start

incorporating that cozy fall feeling

into your homes make sure to stay tuned

for more fall decorating videos i’m so

excited to share more ideas and diys

with you as we move closer into fall

thank you so much for watching and i

will see you in my next one bye guys




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