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okay i am getting over a cold so myself

a little nasally or whatnot and i

apologize for this video going up a

little bit late i was getting over cold

like i said

it wasn’t you know what but i mean it

was a beast so just make sure you’re

taking care of yourselves get good

sunlight vitamin d take your vitamins

get exercise go to sleep because i mean

there’s other things going around and

trust me you don’t want this

but i’m feeling so much better so

today’s video we are going to do a

little bit of shopping we’re going to

cb2 crate barrel and west elm we’re

gonna check out their fall 2021

collections as you guys know we are

moving into fall like tomorrow

it seems that way because all these

stores are like even moving into

halloween but i want to see what they

have in stores i actually like seeing

the pieces in person i know they don’t

have a cb2 or creighton barrel or west

elm everywhere so i’m gonna do the work

for you guys i’m gonna go in and see the

pieces okay so i’m gonna do a reaction

style video so i’m gonna be there with

you guys as we’re shopping together so

let’s get started

okay first up is cb2

you guys know i love cb2

one of my favorite stores

i love going inside cb2 because they

just display everything so nicely

it’s just always a treat going in there

i love their accessories i really mainly

go to cv2 for their accessories

they have some good stuff and they’re

priced actually pretty well too they

have pieces from

super affordable so i really do

encourage you guys to check them out

for their accessories


i actually love that chair right there i

considered it

i was considering that one but


the wall of accessories i love

everything i go inside cb2 is like the


first place i look that’s where they

keep a lot of their accessories and it’s


eye candy

and the thing with cb2 if you guys see

anything that you like you can just go

over to the website with that blackface

that’s the new one right there you can

just go over to their website

and um just type in base or decor or

decorative item and all their pieces

will come up very easily it’s not an

overwhelming website they have a good

variety of items but it’s not

overwhelming at all

i love that pillow it’s um sheepskin

i love the color and it’s really soft


these are actually carbon i think it’s

carbon black travertine


every time i see that light fixture i

just i love it

okay pause really quick what i really

love about cb2 they don’t have a whole

lot of

dishware or entertainment items but the

stuff they have is so good and it’s so


obviously this is a candy dish or you

can use that for anything really

but you’re not going to see that

anywhere else i love that if you want

interesting pieces that a lot of stores

aren’t going to carry check out their

glassware and entertainment pieces they

have really nice stuff

i love that decanter

love it

you guys will see in just a second i i

don’t know why i didn’t show it up close

but they have velvet



i need those

so looks

i’m getting so much inspo for the


i love it all

so these are bases or you can use them

as a candle holder


they’re gorgeous i love the color

okay this table setting right here


oh my gosh the green with the gold and

the black

i love that

we need throws getting

cooler weather soon hopefully so i’m

tired of this hot weather

this is a bar cabinet i actually really

like it it looks really orange on um

camera but

it’s really nice in person

okay let’s pause it for just a second

i absolutely love the pillow story here

i mean

of course it’s my color palette but i

just love it so interesting

you guys know i love like a very neutral

i love like the black and white


the patterns it’s just it just makes it

something extra you know what i mean

like it just gives it what it needs


i will say the pillow that you guys see

here in the middle i was actually

considering that one it is made of wool

and it’s not soft at all so if you’re

considering that one just keep that in

mind but

it’s a gorgeous pattern i love that

pillow a lot

i want the triangles on it that one’s

nice too

look they’re getting ready for fall they

have the pillows they have the throw

blankets i don’t think i’ve ever seen so

many throw blankets

at cv2 they’re getting ready

giving us that inspiration

these accent chairs are actually pretty

comfortable they’re super deep too

okay cp2s earth tones and spice

collections oh my gosh i don’t know if

i’m like into it because we’re moving to

fall and those are the colors i kind of

want to decorate for fall

but i just love it

i really want to do sconces in my uh


but that’s a project for another day

another day

so this is their shelving for all their

candlestick holders votive holders

tea light holders

they have a lot of a lot to choose from

and this little guy i was actually

surprised to see it in person it is

actually really nice i think the

pictures online do it no justice it’s

nice okay now moving on to crate and

barrel i always look at this shirt every

time i go there always

it’s my theme um in my backyard

the whole rattan and that shade of


and ivory

and they’re getting ready for fall look

at this

i love this

okay i love that marble bowl

it was really heavy too

they have a lot of interesting

vases and vessels at crane braille right


seems to be the theme

and yes that is black pompous

i saw in a display online for a

halloween um moment they had so maybe

that’s why they have it out i don’t know

their faux stuff is actually pretty nice

it’s just

i don’t know how much these were but

they’re usually

a little expensive

i love going to creighton barrel for

their um glassware they have a lot of

nice stuff there

all right that’s it pretty bro okay

we’re moving on to westdell now

well selma’s like your mid-century


you can find a lot of like bohemian

style pieces organic modern pieces


i think the brown faces are new i don’t

remember seeing those before

i love that pillow

it’s like the chunkiest bouquet i’ve

ever seen

i love it though

the amber color basis would be nice for

fall too

or if you have that color palette those

are nice

okay this is what i came into west down

for i went to see this in person this is

a cutting board and

yeah i love it it’s a black marble

cutting board i was thinking about

displaying it

just worried about it falling

and they have black marble uh yeah vases

and they have some um

yep those over there too

all right i feel like that shopping tree

went by so fast


what did you guys think of the pieces

that they had in the store i was

expecting a little bit more from crate

barrel crane barrel usually has the fun

festive type of stuff

for um the holidays and i was surprised

i didn’t have that in yet they do have

it online um so i encourage you guys

look online if you’re looking for more

of like festive

like halloween or thanksgiving type

stuff but i’m here for the fall

collection i love it when these stores

switch things up and they get new pieces

in i’m 100 here for it i actually did

pick up some pieces but i’m gonna share

those items in another video because i

don’t want this one to be too long but

i’m not gonna make you guys wait a whole

week for that video i’m actually gonna

post it in a couple days so look out for

that video if you guys enjoyed this

video don’t forget to give it a thumbs

up let me know down below if there are

any pieces that caught your eye if

there’s pieces that you’re going to pick

up and are you going to do a little fall

shopping this year and if so

where are you going to your fall

shopping guide let me know i’m curious

because i’m actually going to check out


and another store which i’m gonna let

that one be a surprise

so thank you guys so much for watching

and i will see you guys in my next video





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