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hi guys and welcome back to my channel i

hope you guys are having an amazing day

i hope your week has been off to an

amazing start and i hope you all are in

good health so today you guys i’m going

to be decorating my bathroom i’m going

to be adding some fall decor into that

space so i’m going to be sharing with

you all and taking you along as i

decorate that space so before we get

started this is somebody i wanted to

share some of the items that i picked up

to incorporate in this space i’m looking

forward to bring in more

natural wood tones into this into my

bathroom i also want to be decorating

with neutral colors in my bathroom as

well so these are some of the items that

i picked up most of these items came

from target so these little brown

pumpkins were from the dollar spot

target dollar spot those were three

dollars those little pine cones are also

from target dollar spot for three

dollars and i also picked up these cute

little pumpkins here it’s in a very

neutral kind of matte ivory color which

i thought would look really nice in my

bathroom the larger one i believe was

fifteen dollars and then this smaller

one was ten dollars they both are by the

threshold brand

then i’m also going to be adding these

little pumpkins here i got these from

hobby lobby last year and they came in a

pack of like maybe six or seven so they

kind of you can use them as like base

fillers so i’m going to be using that in

a tray

then i also picked up this cute little

sign that i found at hobby lobby i

thought it was so cute and so fitting

for fall so i am going to give it a

little makeover a little diy just to

make it a little bit not so rustic for

my space

and then that sign was actually 21 but i

end up getting it for forty percent off

at hobby lobby

now this little wooden leaf

boat or um dobo i got from target and

that was twenty five dollars as well

i also picked up some new towels and the

cover color ivory and then also picked

up some floral stamps

so this is the overview of my bathroom

if you guys haven’t seen my recent

bathroom makeover video i’ll link it up

in the i cards above so you can check

that out and kind of see um how we went

in and redecorated

real we made over this bathroom

but let’s get started you guys

okay you guys so this portion of this

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okay you guys so let’s get into the

video so i’m going to start by adding

some towels to my space i’m changing out

the color of my towels so i originally

had the gray and white in here so now

i’m going to switch it out and put these

ivory colored towels in here for the

fall so for this space i wanted to like

i said in the video earlier i wanted to

incorporate more neutral tones so i try

to kind of keep with the theme that’s

going on with my house i’m not

disturbing or disrupting my original

home decor

that much so i’ve decided to use neutral

colors in my bathroom and in my my

master bedroom but in my living room i

am going to add a pop of color so i

can’t wait to share

with you all the changes that i made in

my formal living room and dining room so

make sure you are subscribed if you’re

not already subscribed and make sure

your post notification is on so you

don’t miss any of my future fall

decorating videos but here i’m just

adding some new towels and i have this

this little towel bar i had it for a

while now i don’t remember where i got

it from i think it came from maybe home

home depot but i’m just adding two bath

towels and then two face tiles to it and

then you’ll see me add a little bit of

string or ribbon around the towel

because i’m just going to add a piece of

fall floral to the ribbon just to kind

of add a little fall touch to it



now next i’m going to go ahead and style

my vanity here i’m just going to add

some more hand towels to my little towel

rack as well and these are also in the

cover ivory

and you will see me add later on in this

video i will add a little marble tray

onto this countertop as well just so i

can kind of add a few more little

decorative pieces to it as well

now these tiles i do just store for just

decorate with these just for decoration

i do have some vanity disposable paper

towels that i usually put out but i

don’t have them on the counter just yet

because i need to pick up a new box


so i’m so excited to share my fall

decorating videos with you all fall is

like my all-time favorite season so i

just love decorating for fall i just

love the coziness and the warm tones

that are the warm vibes this fall just

brains i just love falls just like my

favorite season so like i said i am

going to decorate with neutral colors

for this space but in my living room i

am going to add a pop of color and i am

going to try to focus on more warm tones

and um some traditional fall colors in

there as well

but here i’m going to add in this use

this base here this vase also came from

target and then i’m just going to add

some full uh some fall florals in this

vase as well

now these stems i found at target i

thought these was so gorgeous you guys

because i just felt like it just

screamed fall to me i love the muted

oranges and the yellows and then the

muted green that it has on there so

they’re supposed to be some faux dry

roses and it kind of looked just like

real dried roses so that’s what kind of

drew me to these flowers and these stems


five dollars each and they were from

target next i’m going to go ahead and

style my little shelves here on my

little cutout shelves that i have here

now the top shelves i kind of left it

pretty much the same i just changed

things up a tiny bit but those little

decorative jars i got from target and

then i just added some white bath towels

and hand towels as well up there but now

i’m going to go through and decorate the

two remaining shelves and i’m going to

use that to add my fall decor

so for my next shelf here i’m going to

create a fall vignette so i’m going to

start by adding this sign that i picked

up from hobby lobby i thought it was so

super cute so i wanted to add that to my

shelving now i did give it a little

makeover so i end up painting it this

beautiful bright white just to kind of

make it more of my style i thought it

would bring out the picture a little bit

better next i’m going to add in some

faux greenery around the base of this

little cake stand i got that cake stand

from home goods then also i’m going to

add in this cute little ivory pumpkin is

very neutral it’s in a matte ivory color

i absolutely love it it was 15 from

target i believe this is part of their

one of their new collections this year

because i don’t think i’ve seen this

style pumpkin last year but i’m going to

add this larger one here up on this

little mini cake stand

then next at the bottom gonna add in

another little pumpkin is the smaller

version to the larger one that i just

added and then this smaller one was ten


and these plungers are both from the

threshold brand i believe

now next i’m going to add a little bit

more greenery to my little garland or

little greenery that i have there at the


bottom so i’m just going to add in these

faux little stems i had these stems for

many years i believe i got them from

michaels years ago so i’m just going to

add it just to kind of fill in the base

and then this is what everything is

looking like so far you guys so i do

love how everything is turning out

and then now to the left of this i’m

just going to add in some folded hand


now i’m going to go ahead and decorate

my bottom shelf here i found this cute

little leaf uh dough bowl that i got

from target it’s super heavy i love the

natural wood tones of it and i love the

wood detail that i have in there is

really nice it was 25 dollars

i can’t remember if it was a threshold

blank brand or studio mcgee but i have

it kind of showing you here on the

screen i’m just going to use this to

add some pine cones to it so i got these

little faux pine cones from the target

dollar spot these were three dollars

each and then i’m going to use that base

filler that i showed you in the

beginning of the

beginning of the video that i got from

hobby lobby a few years ago these cute

little kind of felt pumpkins i’m going

to use that to add that to the bowl as


then next to the left i’m just going to

go ahead and add my decorative jars i

had these jars on these shelves already

i just have them filled with some bath

sauce and bubble bath and i like these

jars these jars are so super cute i got

these from target as well maybe a few

years ago and this is by the i believe

the hearth and hand collection

and then you will see me add some

additional hand towels to the box to

that bottom shelf as well later on in

the video so my vanity i did decide to

add a marble tray just to kind of house

everything so i took this marble tray i

think this marble tray came from ross

then i’m just going to add another one

of those little glass pumpkins and i

think this pumpkin i end up getting from

either hobby lobby or target last year a

lot of my fall decor i am incorporating

a lot of things from last year this year

i do have a few new things but for the

most part most of these items are things

that i got from the previous fall season






so that is it you guys for today’s video

i really hope you all enjoyed it and i

really hope it brings you some fall home

decor inspiration if you’re not already

subscribed or if this is your first time

seeing me my name is trina i’d love to

share home decor inspiration so i would

love to have you become part of our

decorating family and to all of our

beautiful subscribers hey y’all welcome

back to the channel thank you all for

stopping by and watching another video

and i’ll see you all in my next one bye



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