hi guys welcome back to my channel the sea of blue behind me is of course ikea we are heading in today for nothing other than the ikea dog if you have seen recently on barney’s instagram bless him he’s been through it he’s had an operation he’s got a fairly epic scar down his side talked about it all over there i don’t want to go into too much detail but essentially he’s had a lump removed and tested and i just want to spoil him he’s my baby and his absolutely number one toy always has been probably always will be is the ikea dog that labrador that they have he’s just obsessed with it it’s his favorite toy it’s looking very grubby it’s got 10 million stitches it’s time for a new one and i thought i would treat him so i’m obviously not here just for the dog i did want to show you guys around they’ve got some new autumn bits in i want a bit of home inspire i’m going to take some snaps maybe whilst i’m in share them on my homework account of all my kind of favorite finds and then of course if i do end up picking out anything up other than the doc i will of course share it with you at the end of this video but not only am i doing all of the above i’m also partnering up with another youtuber for this video so i’m sure you’ve probably seen her channel before but if you haven’t i am partnering with lisa on this video so i will leave a link to her channel below she’s the most gorgeous mom she’s so glam she is based in the south so we have different ikeas that we go to different stock potentially different finds so she is also heading off to ikea and she does the best ikea videos t

Tham khao  lap dat san go cong nghiep cho phong ngu nho  tai day:

hey’re my favorite make sure to go head over there let her know that you have headed over from my channel say hi to her in the comments and who knows we may be even spying up the same things because i’m definitely heading out to the autumn section i think the um i did check online this store this is the warrington one by the way has some of the autumn bits in already they’ve got like a wreath they’ve got some pumpkins i’m very excited to have a look anyway so i’m going to take you along let’s head on in so it makes me happy that it’s raining because i feel like ikea is a good place to go to on a rainy day because it’s all undercover cozy homeware shopping and yeah i’m excited to go shopping so i hope you guys enjoy this video thumbs up if you do subscribe for more and let’s head on in to shop till we drop and inside we go so this is the warrington store i do have another store near me called the ashton underlying one and that is also really really good leeds burst still i’ve been to a few times as well however of those three i have found that warrington tends to have the most stock and you can always just check online when you are looking for something in particular to check in store so that before you head down you can know exactly if they have what you need in stock so i knew that this store had a couple of pumpkins and autumn bits so i knew i wanted to check them out so i just had a browse around the entire store as you do you get your step count in when you go to ikea and i was definitely looking at inspo and ideas for the renovations moving forward so it took a few snaps i’m gonna save them especially for like kitchens kitchens is going to be a big expense for this property as with any property if you’re renovating a kitchen so we have a lot of thinking to do and i was actually really impressed with the range and variety that they have in ikea i loved this office chair how beautiful is that it’s a real nice neutral beige color the only thing is i’m not really sure if i’m gonna go with a dedicated office space but instead use it more as a filming room because i’m more than likely just gonna edit downstairs you know where barney’s gonna be running around and everything anyway so maybe i’ll convince tom to get that chair for his office anyway moving on loads of gorgeous bedroom designs at this ikea and walk-in wardrobes for inspiration as well and i’m also thinking about getting a load of new bedding not just duvets and pillowcases but also the actual inners the duvets the pillows themselves the mattresses the beds everything when we move upstairs so i had a quick look there before heading off to the soft toy section and then finally the market haul [Music] loads of really pretty stone sage greens kind of touches of autumn throughout the store with all the different natural fibers and textures and i feel like that they’ve slightly redesigned in terms of styling up items within the store since i last came but other than that most of the stock was fairly similar to last time [Music] too long it is true [Music]




so within this sort of autumn section they had some popularity some pumpkins some candles as well that were new in and also i did spot a wreath which was really pretty but other than that there wasn’t much more to be seen for the autumn section and i don’t believe they’ll be getting any more either i believe that might just be it then i moved over to what used to be the bargain corner i always love a browse around this section and i’m really glad it’s at the very end of the store because it’s always something to look forward to to see if you can grab a bargain and i particularly love these ladders as like a towel rail [Music] still raining ah my hair’s trapped in the door so i have a bag full of things so i did get a few little bits which i’ll obviously share when i get back um and overall it wasn’t i mean it was busy but it wasn’t as busy as i thought it might be this time because you know like schools out school holidays i’m gonna head back just ask tom if you what what he wants for dinner if he wants me to grab a mac he’s on route which is right here but he said he’s happy with beans on toast tonight so instead i picked us up some chocolate for dessert hi there can i have a cheeseburger please yeah and regular fries yep and a vanilla milkshake please that’s it thank you just brush it off i think i’d panic you know when you panic order and i was like oh i don’t know what i want i just cheeseburger and chips start to rain again i actually i really like the rain okay so let’s talk autumn for a sec whilst we wait because the main one one of the main reasons i was going to ikea as well was to look at the autumn range that they brought out i got an email i’m on the email notifications and it was a couple of weeks ago now that they first emailed to say that the autumn stuff is going to be in stock in stores in august but i wasn’t that impressed i mean the felt pumpkin was obviously gray i don’t really buy that many gray things it was nice but it was quite small and then the other little mini pumpkins it came in a set of three and i thought it was gonna just be like a big um like a bunch of them like five or even ten of them as i was shopping around and then when i saw that it was just three and it was only one pumpkin and then the other two were like a squash and i was just like oh i don’t know and they were like a bluey greeny color bluey gray i just thought you know what i’m just gonna leave it i have seen that they do autumn napkins like paper napkins with a really pretty design on which i was gonna buy but i couldn’t see any so i would have bought them but that was that and then there was a little tin candle with um the scent of cinnamon and sugar and it was nice but it just didn’t look that special i mean i’ve got some really nice looking ones from home sense so i decided to leave it and autumn rant over hello my baby oh yeah buffy excuse me how are you doing how are you doing i’ve got your surprise coulda guessed this is no longer oh well maybe we’ll keep both for a bit and see how he gets on we’ve got doggie a friend good boy there’s one doggy oh careful no jumping i think this is a sign we need to get him a brother so there is a bit of food that i need to pop in the freezer so i’ll just show you these first we have some frozen ready to bake cinnamon rolls oh how yummy do these look i absolutely love cinnamon rolls these are the cafe cafe wrap cinnamon buns ready to bake nice and fresh with a sunday morning treat what do you think tommy lord i got us this for dessert happy with that you’re off chocolate you went last night i’m sure you won’t be again tonight um yeah i thought this looked really yum king size dime chocolate bar i got another one of these these are only like 85 p and they’re the sauce for the meatballs which we actually have some meatballs in the freezer i bought this in the past and really liked it so i thought i would get another one i think it’s two pounds from memory two pounds something and it’s the nada flatbread baking mix so this is really good two oh two baguettes for 65p two garlic baguettes so they can come in the freezer excuse me barney and then i’ve got these biscuits for with my morning coffee biscuits for chocolate flavoured filling they’re like they’re jammy dodgers they do actually have the ones with jamming i thought i would try these ones with the chocolate because they look delicious sparkling water they got in a can do you like that he likes ice anything cold you’re not making the best of you all you can see is your rubber dinghy around your neck you can tell the difference this one’s fresh out the wash as well it was manky before but it’s lost some stuffing along the way and this one’s fresh brand new and he’s gone for the new one so i also got from the bargain corner section which is no longer called the bargaining corner it’s called the it’s the sustainable circle or something like that i know to be honest i quite like to see out of just bargain corner but anyway i thought these would be really good little compartments to have within drawers to separate things and they were only two pound for the pair and then whilst i was also in there i saw these two cushion covers in beige this kind of chenille bobbly fabric and then this i would say it’s like a semi velour fabric these were both three pounds each but i actually intended on repurposing these to put within maybe my little diy autumn video that i might do in september and make some pumpkins or something with them because i actually have one in that fabric i have two pumpkins actually in this fabric but in white so i thought i could do a little mini one next to them i also found this in the bargain corner i’ve actually bought this before for when barney was a puppy and he destroyed it so i’m thinking of keeping this one for us do you like it just like a nice bed throw just beige simple it’s got a little fringing on the edging it was in the sale for just six pounds i also bought tom this because you mentioned previously about getting some nice wooden shoe stretch of things and i thought in the meantime what they’re called they’re not shoe stretchers what they call a shoe tree um in the meantime until you find some nice wooden ones rather than stuffing them with newspaper you could have these they’re only a pound for the pair nice you’re welcome and then i also got us two more wine glasses because you can never have enough of these i think we’ve only got two and these are the red wine ones but i quite like them for whatever really to be honest with you i just love the shape again i think they’re about one pound fifty then i got two mixing bowls and these were again just a couple of pounds in white and they’ve got a little pore at the end as well and they’ve got like a non-slip grip at the bottom and two different sizes just really handy to have we lack big mixing bowls so i thought that would be good to have in our kitchen and then i also got these i’ve always seen these and i never picked them up they do them in orange but also these ones cappuccino anna’s cappuccino fins little biscuits and then last but not least ending on the best purchase some zip up bags so yeah not a huge ikea shop lots of inspo for um the renovations moving forward i hope you enjoyed this little vlog footage don’t forget to go over and check lisa’s video out i’m sure she’s found some amazing bits she’s the queen of shopping at ikea and she does lots of interiors and homework type videos very similar to mine so i’m sure you will love her videos if you haven’t seen them yet so be sure to head over to her channel i will leave a link to her channel in the description box below i hope you enjoyed watching this video give me a thumbs up if you did subscribe for more and i hope to see you all very very soon in my next video bye guys that was barney’s tale saying goodbye [Music]


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