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very special for you


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i’m partnering with plough and hearth

they are an online catalog of beautiful

home decor pieces they have things for

every season as well as interior accents

that you can add to create a more

beautiful home they have a lot of

practical items such as things that will

help you with your yard work and their

items are a blend of traditional and

more modern pieces that so many can


you can find them online as well as on a

social media i will have the link to

their website in my description box

below so you can check them out after

this video plow and earth is also

hosting a fall makeover giveaway and i

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what you’re going to be winning at the

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you’re excited i’m excited so let’s get


so if you’ve been following along you

know that my living space has looked

like this up until about a few weeks ago

and this area looked pretty dark it

looked really busy and there was that

huge eyesore of a tv on that little

console and everything kind of looked

out of place

now i share with you all my mood board

and kind of what i had envisioned

for both the fireplace and the space in

general for this fall season i kind of

wanted something a little bit more

traditional in the sense of fall

so as you know my husband and i got

together and began the demo of our

fireplace and we began fixing it up and

updating it because it was just really

dark and it didn’t go well with the rest

of our pieces

and i have a complete video on that if

you have not checked it out and now the

space feels much more larger open and

even taller

so then it was off to the next phase and

this is what the space kind of looked


after we had made those changes we had

removed some of the furniture

and honestly

everything looked pretty worn out my

kids have been beating up this poor

couch for a while now at this point i’m

actually pretty happy with all of the

furniture pieces that’s in the space the

sectional is a little bit large however

it’s from our last house and it really

works for us because there’s five of us

and we need our space so

i really love that couch especially also

since it has a slip cover

so what this room really needed was a

good cleaning at first because as you

all know we have been you know fixing up

that fireplace so there was still dust


a lot of construction like

dust bunnies everywhere

so that’s the first thing i did i began


clearing it out

and this rug i also have had for a while

i’ll eventually be removing it but the

first thing i needed to remove

was that slip cover because it needed to

be washed


now if you’re one of the people that has

a slip covered sofa you’ll feel me it’s

like you have to clean it before you can

wash it



and here you see me asking my husband

for help because apparently i can’t

reach the top

curtain rod

and so one of the things that i love to

do every time a new season comes around

is change my curtains it’s a huge change

just by removing them and adding

something different in a different

pattern and a color it really does so

much to a space


next i removed the carpet that i

currently had in this space

and then it was finally off to clean the

floors before i started bringing

everything back in and let me tell you

something this makes the entire room

feels so much better when you take

everything apart like this

and take everything out and then clean

it all up oh my gosh

it’s so awesome all right now it’s time

to start bringing the items back in

now plow and hearth has sent me several

different products that i’m going to be

featuring in this video and sharing a

little bit more about that way you can

get an idea of the kind of things that

they offer on their amazing online

website now this rug is


probably the softest rock i have ever


and the colors on it are neutral yet

they have warmer tones to them

that just make the space for fall

now these curtains are from plow and

hearth as well and these are a

thermologic curtains that keep the cold

out and the heat in i wanted something

traditional like buffalo check but i

didn’t want that stark black and white

and they offer these panels in several

different colors and i picked this one

and i really love the wheat color that

they come in

and now because i had all of these other

warmer colors going on in the space i

decided that i was gonna brave

my white slipcover for this fall

pray for me i have three kids three and

a half actually if you count my husband

but i decided to go ahead and replace it

with my white slip cover and i thought

it would actually add a nice contrast to

the rest of the space

i’m not gonna lie though if i could find

an easier way to change out these

cushions i would but man

they’ll take you a little while and it

didn’t take long for one of my children

to spot the newly covered sofa


plow and hearth actually has

a beautiful selection of accent

furniture that you can pick for your

home we actually opened this chair up a

few days prior to creating this video

just because we wanted to make sure that

everything came okay but

we went ahead and put it together and

this is gonna go next to the fireplace

since it really needed another piece of

furniture in the room to kind of anchor

the space and we only had this one other

corner where we can place something so

this chair

was perfect for it


plow and hearth has a beautiful line of

accent furniture that’s made out of

reclaimed wood pieces like railroad ties

old buildings so these little nesting

tables right here are completely unique

they are made from reclaimed wood and

they are perfect for this little space

real quick i hope you’re enjoying this

video so far if you like any of the

items from plow and hearth that i am

featuring in my video please know that i

have all of the links directly to those

products in my description box so if

there’s anything you like and want to

check out i have the direct links below

and what’s even better is that i have a

coupon code that will get you 15 off any

purchase of 75 or more on plow and

hearth’s website that’s coupon code

yami15 that coupon can be used up until

september 14th

another thing that i wanted to be sure

of this year was that a lot of the

pieces that i brought into this space

were not only beautiful but they were

practical you guys know that we have a

real wood-burning fireplace and last

year we used it so much not only for the

ambiance but also to heat our space

and i thought bringing in items that not

only were beautiful but also practical

and helped us along the way would be

great and they actually have this


wood stack holder that comes with the

leather carrier so my husband just has


bring in the wood in this carrier and

place it right on the wood rack and that

is it

creating less messes because

transferring wood over to a wood rack

creates a huge mess i don’t know if you

guys know this

now another beautiful yet functional

piece from plow and hearth is this

galvanized ash bucket that comes in

copper and has a double layer bottom now

obviously this is for collecting ash

from the fireplace but for right now i

am using it to store my fat wood fire

starter kindling sticks also from plow

and hearth so whenever i need to start a

fire i can just get my wood sticks from

here and these have the most amazing

smell i don’t even know how to explain

it but they are so aromatic

and even my kids were like wow these

wood sticks smell so good mom

now this next item is a hand forged iron

fireplace tool set i was really excited

about these and plow and hearth actually

has several different styles to choose

from they’re really easy to assemble

and i’m so glad i have a new set this

year because the one that we used last

year literally broke apart with us i

think it was more for just decoration

purposes and not actually using it

but this one should last us a while

these sets are so strong and sturdy so

this one is definitely one of my

favorite pieces

these lanterns are also from plow and

hearth you guys might have remembered i

had them on my fireplace when i made it


now this little table right here you

probably haven’t seen before in this

space and it’s actually about 40 years

old it belonged to my parents when they

first got married and they’ve kept it

all these years and i took it from them

because my dad had it in a shed and i


thought it deserved a better home

actually my dad was very happy to get

rid of it

but pieces like that they’re just so

special to me

and i’m sure you probably recognize this

little table

i gave it a facelift a few months ago

you all know i love sewing so i

sewed up a couple of new cushion covers

for my sofa


and one of my cushions that i had made

from an old purse remember that goes

perfectly on this new chair

and then it was time to accessorize


they have beautiful lit garlands like

this one right here that i use to try

and hide my husband’s speaker under the


as well as these beautiful led flameless

candles that actually feel like the real



now if you’ve been following me along

for a while

you remember this foam burlap box that i

made a few years ago it is still going

strong and i love changing it out for

all the seasons so i decided to remove

some of the greenery and some of the

flowers so that i can incorporate

another one of plow and hearts beautiful

lit garlands this time it’s berries and

i just worked it in creating a floral

arrangement that was more adequate for


now one of the cool things about their

pre-lit garlands their led candles as

well as their led lit lanterns

is that they have a unique setting where

you can have them on for six hours and

then off for 18. so they’ll turn back on

at the same time the next day for

another six hours and then off for 18

and i thought that was kind of nice

because you can just set them and forget

them and they’ll all turn back on at the

same time the next day







yet the real magic happens when the

lights are dim




well that’s it for today’s video i hope

you enjoyed it if you did please make

sure to give this video a like and let

me know which part was your favorite in

the comments below all right now into

the giveaway because i know you guys are

so excited about this and i am too

plowin hearth is giving away a 500 gift

card to one lucky winner now i have the

link on where to enter in my description

box below it will take you right to

where you need to enter your information

to be eligible for that giveaway the

giveaway starts today and ends on

september 15th at 11 59 p.m eastern

standard time so you have 15 days to

enter this giveaway the winner will be

notified within 72 hours of the drawing

and you will have 72 hours to get back

to them to claim your prize so keep an

eye out for an email thank you so much

to plowmen hearth for partnering with me

on this video i am so excited for this

giveaway and i wish you guys all the

best of luck i hope you all are doing

great and i hope to see you guys next

week with another home decor and diy

video until then



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