hey guys welcome back to my channel for

my 2021 fall home tour

i am beyond excited to take you around

all of the main living spaces of my

house as well as my master bedroom and

my front porch and show you how all of

my fall decor turned out for this year

i have already shared to clean and

decorate with me style videos and those

show more of like the process of

decorating and what my initial thoughts

were for how i wanted this space to look

however i do have to say that almost

everything has changed since i finished

filming those videos and

i have all new displays to show you

these are the

final fall displays that we are going to

love and enjoy for the remainder of the

season and i’m so excited to share some

of these decorating ideas with you and

some of the thought process that i had

or tips and tricks for how you can

decorate your own home and approach your

own fall decorating i hope that this

video gives you a ton of motivation and

inspiration to start decorating your

house for this beautiful season because

it is my favorite season i love it so

much but go ahead and give this video a

thumbs up if fall is also your favorite

season or if you just enjoy decorating

or if you just enjoy home tours and i

don’t want this intro to be too long so

i’m gonna stop rambling and head outside

with you guys and start showing you

my front porch please excuse all of the

crickets and barking dogs and outdoor

noises but we are outside looking at the

front porch and i’ll try to make it

quick but i’m so excited to share this

space with you guys

the girls made all of the decisions for

this area this year and i’m so proud of

them they created a beautiful fall setup

sawyer really wanted purple and white

florals and so we found these beautiful

mums at walmart

and also these really pretty purple

flowers at lowe’s i think it was

she did a great job picking these out

they look beautiful and are very

complementary to the orange and cream

colored pumpkins that we have

we had all of those from last year so we

didn’t have to buy any this year

we also had the lantern already our

bench and these throw pillows an owl so

that made it really affordable to

decorate out here and then we did get a

new scarecrow it was finally time and we

found her at walmart the girls were very

conscious to pick out a new little

scarecrow that would match our buffalo

check front door mat and they did a

great job with that

we layered on top of it this orange

pumpkin mat from hobby lobby and i just

think it’s so cute i thought it was

adorable that they thought to layer rugs

and then we kept it really simple next

to that with just some purple mums in

this little planter

and then on the actual front door we

have this beautiful faux wheat wreath

from the hearth and hand collection

that matches with everything out here

but it also matches with all of the

indoor decor so coming in from outside

this is the view that you see when you

first walk into my home so we’ve got our

entryway that is open with our living

room area

and then here on the right are our girls

bedrooms and their bathroom

nothing in those rooms has changed and

so i’m not going to be touring those

today but i will link the video where i

did all the decorating if you want to


their individual seasonal decor

when you look straight on you can see

into our kitchen and then behind that is

our family room the family room also

hasn’t changed but i’ll link the video

where i decorated that space

this door is a coat closet and this is

our master bedroom

but we are going to start in the

entryway which is one of my favorite

places to decorate ever since i did that

diy entryway makeover

i just love putting little throw pillows

on this bench that i diy’d and then

changing out the wreath here seasonally

this wreath is actually from the hearth

and hand collection this year as well as

the burgundy colored pillow on the bench

and then the grateful thankful blessed

pillow is actually a pillow cover that i

got from amazon

there is a lot of target and hobby lobby

in this home tour but do you really

expect anything else from me

and then probably one of my absolute

favorite places to change out the decor

is this shelf here in the entryway

for fall time i just have this beautiful

floral arrangement from the studio mcgee


a couple of pumpkins that are from

target and then also some candlesticks

that are from the studio mcgee line this


studio mcgee and hearth and hand just

really killed it i loved every single

piece of the fall collections and it was

really difficult not to buy them all

but moving over from our entryway

we can kind of see into

our living room

of all of the rooms in my home this one

is definitely my favorite

just because it is the most simple and

minimal and that is definitely my

personal decor style and taste

the rest of my family prefers what i

would call cluttered and they would call

cozy which you will see those cozy vibes

throughout the rest of my home but this

room definitely reflects

me and i’m really grateful to have this


mostly i just have to change out throw

pillows like this orange one from the

threshold brand and throw blankets like

this gray one from studio mcgee

and that really changes up the seasonal

decor without having to put in a lot of

effort i also like to change up the

coffee table decor and side table so on

my coffee table i have this beautiful

vase from the studio mcgee line this

year with just a couple of floral picks

from the hearth and hand collection

and i complimented that with this

thankful sign from hobby lobby and i

think it turned out great

and then over on the side table next to

my front door is another little floral

arrangement from the studio mcgee

collection my mail slot that is always

there and a cozy candle adjacent from

our couch and sitting area is our

fireplace and ladder shelf

this is definitely a very cozy space in

this room and one of my favorite diy

projects that i have ever done

i love these tiles that i installed

around our fireplace but they are

definitely a statement all on their own

and so i like to keep the mantelplace

decor very simple so that it doesn’t

clash with those tiles

i always have this feels good to be home

sign up here and i just switch out the

knickknacks that i put around it for

fall i have some florals from target and

a couple of pumpkins from hobby lobby


i think it turned out beautifully and it

just goes to show that you don’t have to

do the most to have a beautiful styled

cozy space for your family for any

season or holiday

and then over here on my ladder shelf i

used to hate decorating this thing but

then a few of you commented on some of

my videos talking about that and said

stop trying to do so much and just let

it be simple and so ever since then it

has been such a joy to decorate

i keep these little bud vases out here

and switch out the florals for the

season and then down here i just place

some pumpkins the two smaller ones on

this little tiered tray are from target

and then

the beautiful orange floral one here is

from hobby lobby this year and

my goodness it is just absolutely

stunning one of my favorite pieces that

i picked up in the fall decor this year

and then down in my little dough bowl i

do have

some face filler from target and some

dollar tree pumpkins from last year and

that was good enough i think that it’s

really pretty

and then a little easter egg from all of

my decorating videos is that i always

switch out the front record in this

little box of records here

to match the color palette or color

story of whatever decor i’ve got going

on i do think that i did a pretty good

job with my entryway and living room


it’s separate enough that it makes the

entry feel like a different space from

the living room which gives the home a

larger appearance

but it’s still cohesive and

complementary enough that it all works

together and nothing sticks out like a

sore thumb

but moving from this room into my


you see part of our dining table from

the living room so i wanted this to be

complimentary as well

and i just have this really simple tray

from the hearth and hand collection here

with some florals and pumpkins on it

florals and ceramic pumpkin are from

target last year but i did add in

some of these orange cream and green

pumpkins from hobby lobby this year that

really tied in the living room decor

that you can see from this vantage point

but also complements the rest of the

kitchen decor my family is raydon

obsessed but we do keep it contained to

the kitchen so you’ll see a lot of radon

pottery used to decorate in this space

especially here on our coffee station

derek and kinsley always look forward to

me decorating our coffee bar with all of

our seasonal and holiday finds on our

little shelves here i just kept most of

our basics we like to use the icon and

black pottery pieces as our basics

and i also added in these green

measuring cups that were part of the

easter release just because i felt like

the green was very complementary to the

fall green that i have going on

and then i sprinkled in some more of

those hobby lobby pumpkins

next to that we have our mug rack from

pottery barn and i just decorated that

with alternating burgundy and icon mugs

some of my favorite fall mugs from this

release were the sweater weather and

cuddle weather i think they are so cute

and we were really excited to find those

and then above that i always keep this

but first coffee sign

i feel like it kind of completes the

space and pulls it all together it’s up

there for pretty much every season and


i get a lot of questions about our

coffee table and

unfortunately we found it at home good

so i can’t link this exact one but there

is one that is very similar on the

target website and i always have that

linked in the description box

our microwave fits down here on this top

shelf and beside it i just put a

beautiful green pumpkin from hobby lobby

and then we have some extra mugs down

here and i have a little box with all of

my table runners in it our countertops

also have quite a bit of ray done on

them and this hobby lobby shelf is

actually kinsley’s cocoa bar i love

decorating it for her it is one of the

most fun things to decorate and she’s

always involved in that

but for fall this year i was excited to

be able to display my sweets canister

and pink measuring cups and sprinkle

that in with some of these

burgundy fall pieces and i felt like it

was so complimentary i really enjoy the

way that it turned out

i also used some more of those green and

cream colored pumpkins from hobby lobby


kind of tie it in with the rest of the

space and fill in all those little gaps

that’s definitely my number one tip if

you are decorating a shelf like this or

any kind of space if you feel like it’s

just not coming together or

it’s just

missing something

try some greenery and some filler vase

filler always works perfectly and see if

that kind of pulls it together for you

but this is on the left side of our sink

and then over on the right side of our


i have another little

vignette i think they’re called

this tray is from the hearth and hand

collection at target it’s not the fall

collection though i think it’s just a

staple piece

and i have some of our black and icon

radon pieces as well that are out year


and then i just filled this little

picture with some fall greenery and some

pumpkin picks from hobby lobby

as well as another one of those orange

leaf pumpkins from hobby lobby and a

little green one

and i love the way that this turned out

again it is so simple but

it’s just

it’s beautiful in my opinion i really

enjoy that

aside from her bedroom the kitchen is

kinsley’s favorite place for seasonal

and holiday decor

and i’m proud to say that she was really

happy with what i came up with to

display her raedon fall collection this


now again beyond the kitchen is our

family room which hasn’t really changed

much so if you want to see the decor in

there i will link the decorate with me

video that i have where i set all of

that up

but moving out of the kitchen we go back

into the living room and then

to the right here is going to be my

master bedroom

when you first walk into our room our

bed is on the left hand side and derek’s

dresser is actually over here on the


and this is the newest addition to our

decor in here

i love this framed print that i picked

up at target and i feel like it fills

the space nicely it’s been empty for so

long and i just thought this was

beautiful and very complementary to the

fall decor that also came from target

this year

i told you guys the hearth and hand and

studio mcgee lines snapped every single

piece was so beautiful and so

i couldn’t help but to pick up these two

charcoal colored vases from the hearth

and hand line as well as this faux wheat

over here

they’re just absolutely stunning and

then the pumpkin is from the threshold

brand at target on the other side of my

bedroom i just have my bed as well as my

dresser our tv and our huge mirror over

there with a couple of lanterns in front

of it

all of my bedding is hearth and hand

collection from target

this throw blanket is new to the fall

collection this year but the duvet

underneath of it was from last year and

i actually found it on clearance the

lumbar pillow there is also new this

year and complements that throw blanket


as well as these green pillows in the


but the rest of the cascade of pillows

that is here on my bed are always here

they are from hearth and hand collection

a couple of years ago i believe

my bed tray is from home goods i’ve had

it for a couple of years and i made the

book stock myself as a christmas gift

for derrick a couple of years ago

but these little faux floral

arrangements and the candle are all new

to the hearth and hand fall collection

this year

over on my nightstand i have some more

of those beautiful charcoal vases from

the hearth and hand collection

i’ve also filled them with little faux

wheat and

i forget what these are called every

time but these are also from the hearth

and hand collection and very affordable

i think they’re two dollars a piece

and then i have another one of these

little fabric pumpkins from threshold at


i lose my breath whenever i see you

you stole my heart what is it that you


my life was great till you added colors

like the moon needs to sun



heart’s desire

i just wanna love you just wanna hold

you just wanna be with you till we grow

old please tell me you’ll stay oh take

me away

i want you for myself every single day


i don’t know what i do without you

you make me smile what is it that you do

my life was great till you added colors

like the moon is the snow we don’t care

about the others


you’re my


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